I purchased your cookbook a couple months ago and just wanted to tell you first of all I think it is wonderful that you are donating all proceeds to Breast Cancer Research. Second, your photography and captions are awesome, and I want you to know I really can appreciate all the time and effort you put into doing those. I really enjoyed both reading the captions and the photos. Best of all your recipes are outstanding. Your friends were right about your brownie recipe and my husband agrees!!! I have made quite a few things so far and tonight I baked the Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake. Oh my goodness.....I had one piece and went back for another sliver. Tomorrow I am making the Cauliflower recipe. You really are an amazing person. Thank you for all the good you do.

Clermont, Florida

This is a first for me as I have never written to a celebrity before today. I am so impressed by everything in this cookbook that I just had to write to you and compliment you on a fabulous cookbook. I am a 59 year old grandmother of 7 and I must say that everyone who has tried any of the recipes from your book absolutely raves about the food. This runs the gamut from my senior friends to my extremely fussy grand children. I am recommending this book to everyone who has any kind of interest in eating good food that is also healthy and easy to prepare.


Hi there Jenny... I sat and read your cookbook cover to cover and really enjoyed it! I have been looking for a healthy cookbook that also tells you the benefits of each food (ex: that blueberries are good for fighting cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.) I love your photography and the little summary given on each one. Thank you for giving us a picture of each recipe so we have an idea of what it's supposed to look like. By the way...I LOVE your blueberry muffins...I could sit and eat a whole pan, but I won't! You have wonderful & practical recipes...thank you!


I just wanted to let you know that I just love your cookbook! Since I bought it (and looked through it!) I have ear-marked almost every page of recipes I want to try! I love all the nutrition tips and the food is yummy. Thank you for such a thorough and healthy but delicious cookbook! I look forward to your next one! I cook for 3 young children and 1 husband with a good appetite and I finally feel like I have found my true "cooking bible!" Thank you very much!! p.s. I buy A LOT of cookbooks and this is my favorite one!! (And I do mean A LOT!!)

Janice Z.
San Jose, CA

So far everything I've made is fantastic. After each newly made recipe I await for my husband's verdict.........and then I hear those words......"it's a keeper"!! Thank you JJ for creating such wonderful recipes that give our bodies some healthy fuel as well.


Jenny, I love your cookbook. I made the meatloaf and my old school mom was suspicious of any meatloaf made without bread crumbs, and couldn't understand why I was chopping up so many carrots and garlic. It turns out it was THE BEST MEATLOAF we have ever eaten. My mom loved it, and called my sister over to dinner. It was the first meatloaf we ever ate without mashed potatoes--it was so good it didn't need potatoes. It’s definitely a "healthy" hit in a very old-fashioned meat and potatoes household.


Jenny educated the readers re: antioxidants and listed ~ 25 fruits & vegetables that are very important to get into our everyday nutrition. I liked the fact that the recipes took the fruits & vegetables & incorporated them into the recipes so many cooks prepare already, everyday comfort foods-showing sometimes just one change in a recipe can make a difference in our health while not compromising it. And most of the ingredients I saw are easily obtained if not already in the home pantry or freezer. If you don't already watch out for refined flours & grains, trans-fats, added sugars & corn syrups etc., maybe this might change your outlook on that, also. And another important thing to know, Jenny donated 100% of the profits of the sale of this book to breast cancer research.

(on Amazon)

This is my new favorite book. I'm not a fancy cook and the step by step instructions are super easy to follow and the recipes don't require gourmet items that I can't find. It's all stuff that my family likes to eat and I like that Jenny took the recipe pictures and then tells the story of each photo. I've made her mac 'n cheese and blueberry pancakes - both awesome and I plan to try most of the recipes. Lemon bars are next. She clearly did her research on nutrition and tells you what the health benefits are with each recipe. I highly recommend this book.

Baby Boomer

I bought this cookbook and was really surprised at the uniqueness of it, from the recipes to the pictures. I love to see how it should look. For me, one of the best aspects was the nutritional values of the foods I eat, and also the ones I don't and should. To have it all in one book is great. Being able to indulge in sweets and still get benefits is a real treat, like sweet potato chocolate cake! Who would have thought? I recommend this cookbook as a "must have" for all ages and every kitchen, whether to look up benefits or just something tasty and healthy. Great blending of foods!

“Maple Syrup”

I was never a Jenny Jones fan when she was on TV, so I was somewhat skeptical about this book. But the recipes are actually really good - they all seem very easy to make, and the ones I've tried so far have been quite tasty! I love that for each recipe, she explains exactly what the health benefits are of the various vegetables and other ingredients. Try the rainbow fried rice, it's great!

(on Amazon)

I just received my copy a few days ago. Being a novice in the kitchen, the first thing I found was how clear and easy to follow every recipe is. I have already picked out what will be my first meal. Antitoxidant Slaw, Meat Loaf, Roasted Vegetables, and Peanut Butter Cookies. Sound good? Wait until you see the healthy ingredients that are used. Each section offers so many choices, you can plan meals for a week in advance using variations from each section so that you are not eating the same identical meal twice. Each recipe includes everything you need to know to prepare each dish, including "start to finish", an estimate of preparation time. Did I mention that I am a novice in the kitchen? Common sense tells me that I should triple the "start to finish" time to be on the safe side. The Seasoned Chef will easily recognize the various recipes. These recipes will remind them that it’s better to use a healthier ingredient. You are also provided a photograph of what each dish should look like when it is served. Jenny did the photography herself. The pictures are great. Immediately upon opening this book you will see how professionally it was done. One can only imagine how many hours of hard work went into the preparation of this book. Thanks Jenny.

Novice Chef

I didn't really know what to expect from a talk show host, but Jenny is a natural at cooking and nutrition. What I see is good common sense presented in an easy and fun way. Love it! And, the pictures are great. Highly recommended for anyone who is health conscious. Can't go wrong!

Cover Girl “tob”
Palm Springs

I just got my copy of this cookbook and I'm very impressed. First impressions, the book is beautiful, lots of great photography, really easy-to-follow recipes, a useful shopping list by each recipe, and some tell-it-like-it-is sidebars. I guess that's the Jenny Jones way, and I have to say, it's good to have her sort of honesty telling you why to eat beans :). I liked her show, and never really knew she was a cook, but so far I haven't been disappointed with any (well, any meaning two) of the recipes I've made so far. Besides helping my brain, skin, hair, and nails with Chicken-Vegetable Stew, I also gave my immune system, eyesight, and memory a big boost with the mango salsa I made. Both were delicious as well. I've never really followed the "Superfood" movement, but I always try to eat healthy. This book is an incredibly fun way to do just that. There are health benefits by every recipe, and the recipes are just things that I want to make, from refreshing salads to some great sounding main courses like Tortilla Pie. I'm pretty psyched about cooking from the rest of the book.

NYC (on Amazon)

Hi Jenny, I have had your cookbook now for about a year, and I must tell you, out of all the cookbooks I have, and I'm in my 50's so I have accumulated a huge amount over the years, but I always go to yours first and have many favorites that I make over and over again. Everything I make turns out exactly like the pictures and it amazes me every time. The Blueberry Muffins and the Banana Muffins are to die for and I always have a batch of one or the other and sometimes both in my freezer and my husband loves to take one a day to the office.

The fish and chips are fantastic, I use tilapia instead of cod. Your bean salad, wow what a treat. I could go on and on but I just had to thank you for such a great book, I know you put your heart and soul into it and I just needed to say I'm glad you did because I have always been careful with what I put into my body and try to get my family to eat well also and these recipes make my life a lot easier.

Ottawa, Canada

Querida Senora: Jenny. Soy una senora de 39 anos casi 40 solamente la quiero felicitar por su libro de cosina tan maravilloso es muy facil y nutritivo, le comento que casi ya he hecho todas las recetas me gusta mucho cosinar y experimentar diferente clase de comidas todavia no decido cual es mi favorita pero si le digo que cosino mucho los pancakes en especial el Dutch Baby es nuestro favorito tanbien me gusto' mucho la salsa de mango. El mango en my pais El Salvador es una fruta muy popular y tropical por eso me encanto' otra receta que preparo acada momento es el pesto de espinacas hasta a mi hijo le gusto' que casi no le gusta comer vejetales, tanbien le di esta receta a una amiga y quedo encatada que acada momento me llamaba para pedirme mas recetas, finalmente le tuve que regalarle el libro y esta encantada con el. Bueno si sigo comentanto acerca de todas sus recetas no termino nunca solamente le quiro comentar que he usado arina de trigo en algunas recetas de los muffins y quedaron muy bien, agradesco que haya tenido tan buenas ideas en su libro sobre todo que son muy nutritivas y faciles de preparar le deceo mucha suerte con el y esperamos que pronto nos deleite con otro libro tan bueno como este.

Los Angeles

Hello, Jenny. I stumbled upon your cookbook last week and I LOVE IT!!!!! Believe me I have mountains of cookbooks, have been cooking forever and still I found plenty of recipes in your book that I could get excited about and want to try asap. I believe in 'real' ingredients and obviously so do you. It’s a beautiful book too. I love all the photos, the layout, the helpful info. Today I made the sweet potato chocolate cake and I promise it will be the only chocolate cake I make from now on! Loved the icing too. Loved the lemon bars!! Everyone should buy this book because the recipes are superb and you are also generously donating all the profits to such a needy cause.