Sep 01, 2013

My Top Five Comfort Foods

Here’s a nice article I was invited to do about my favorite comfort foods for the website. (I think they asked the right person) It was not easy deciding on the final five – I had five more that didn’t make it. They were: rice pudding, pepperoni pizza, meat loaf, pączki, and pierogi. Eliminating these was like deciding which one of my children I should leave behind. I don’t have children but I do have love for potatoes. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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Jun 07, 2013

Get me to the Greek!

We are off to the Greek Theater tonight to see A Prairie Home Companion with guest stars Martin Sheen, Colin Hay, and Lily Tomlin!

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May 09, 2013

Me: Rattlesnakes… Her: Robins

I am reposting these photos from my sister in Canada that I started back in April because she just sent some new amazing pictures. I just found my second baby rattlesnake in the backyard and she has a family of robins in her kitchen window! If this is a bit of sibling rivalry… she wins. 🙂

(april 11th) Something really amazing happened at my sister Liz’s house in Canada. They had very cold weather this spring and I got this email from her on April 10th: The robins have been back for quite a while, but frost doesnt do anything for worms. But the birds are persistent. I was on the phone when I noticed a head bobbing on my kitchen window ledge. I always open my window in the spring and summer, even fall. But this year…not yet. Well, robins have started building a nest right where I open the window. Not over to the side, but right at the bottom right corner, over my sink where I am every day. When I start opening the window screen, I will be watching the blue eggs and then little chicks. If they dont move on, Ill take pics while the whole process is taking place. Like you did with the hummingbirds.” The next day, she sent me her first picture…

April 11th

April 16th

“She’s baaack! She was gone for days. I thought she flew the coop. She’s skittish…”

April 17th

“Oowee mama! Now we’re talkin’ Not a lot of time between launch and landing, so far. I always thought it took longer to lay an egg.”

Needless to day, I’ll be sharing whatever photos she send me here. What a show we’re going to have! Thanks, Liz, for sharing!

May 1st “So teeny.”

May 5th “A little hungry.”

May 8th

“How did this happen??? There are FOUR, as of a minute ago. Where has it been hiding? Check out my next photo.”

May 8th

May 9th

“What a difference a day makes, only 4 little birdies. (Guess that tune.) I’m afraid they are gonna fall out.”

May 12th

“It is SO cold and there’s no room at the inn!  When they hear me coming, they all crouch down, so you should see them when they’re all trying out their wings. There are faces and eyes and definitely a pecking order!”

May 13th

“That big one on the right is one of the babies! I think it’s leaving.”

May 15th

“I need a shrink!! What do I do now? One by one they flew the coop, big and strong and healthy. I wish I could have put tags on them because I’ll always be wondering……are you one of Harriet’s kids?”

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May 06, 2013

It’s another contest!

I’m giving away another cookbook with a fun contest. In case anyone missed my postings on the JennyCanCook site and on facebook, there’s still time to play. It’s in my new food blog over at The winner will be announced tomorrow and will receive my cookbook in time for Mother’s Day! Some day soon, I hope the contests will be for my NEW cookbook. I think I’ll put those amazing Easiest Lemon Brownies on the cover. They are sooooo good!! Anyway, you still have all day to win my book.  Click here to play.

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Apr 23, 2013

Pass the bamboo

Denis and I took a weekend getaway to the San Diego Zoo. We saw a lot of animals but nothing compared to seeing this giant panda in person. This was not what I expected. It’s much bigger than I thought – about 5 to 6 feet tall. We watched him for about ten minutes and all he did was eat, eat, eat. He stuffed himself on huge branches of bamboo. It’s no wonder he was lying back like that – just like us after Thanksgiving dinner… in a recliner, can’t get up, need a nap.

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Apr 19, 2013

It’s Payback Time in Boston

Well it didn’t take long for authorities in Boston to take care of business. It looks like payback time! One down…. one to go!

UPDATE 6:00 pm: One Dead. One Captured. Hey, S.W.A.T…. FBI… All you men who serve….



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Apr 07, 2013

This animal lover needs support

I just received a heart breaking message from a stranger with a sick dog. J.S. is struggling with a very difficult decision and I’m hoping some of my animal-loving friends can lend some support. Here is the note…

“My first dog,at only 8,was diagnosed with a terminal illness that 2 vets said there was nothing to do. A small dog should live twice that. He too was a rescue. He wasnt supposed to live thru Jan 2013 & here we are April 7. I’m on disability for treatment resistant depression and anxiety, so I’m terrified about how I’ll react and whether this will devastate me beyond repair. Very isolated so he’s really been a friend and for the first time in my life learned about unconditional love. Not working,I’ve spentore time with my pet than most. His belly is full of fluids and vets day trying to drain it would be expensive,temporary,require anesthesia and risk puncturing an organ. Logically I know its not my fault yet feel guilty .. Everyone’s told me Ive done what I can,rescued this dog, gave him a loving life. He’s not able to digest protein so he’s lost muscle & nutrients..weaker and losing fur. The fluid however is increasing his weight and he looks like he’s 15 months pregnant. I fear hell explode. Feel helpless ..don’t know when or if to put him down or how to tell if he’d suffering. Have to think he’s at least uncomfortable…but he’s still eating, likes to go for a walk and occasionally wags his ewhat to do…I will freak out anyway…can’t imahine taking him to be killed. OR putting him in a trash bag to be cremated
.waking up and finding him listless. Told putting him to sleep — really murder—is an act of love..yet my existing in misery in physical and emotional doesn’t deserve the same as a canine. Go figure.


(April 8th) Below is the beautiful poem sent by Sue…

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Apr 02, 2013

Baby on board

We’re having a baby! Every time we opened the front door we saw a hummingbird fly away from the vines over the porch. So we started looking closely and finally spotted this tiny nest (it’s only about 1 1/2-inches across). I had to know what was inside so I used a mirror and look! There’s an egg! We’re having another baby! The egg is only about 1/4-inch long. Last year there were two eggs in a different area that hatched and grew and now we get to see it again. This nest is only about a foot over our heads and centered right over where we walk, so every time the door opens, the mother will panic. These aren’t the smartest birds anyway. Who else would choose a diet of sugar water all day? Hey, maybe that’s why they can fly at 60 miles per hour!

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Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends and visitors.

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Mar 30, 2013

Good news from Sue!

Well eveyone.. Kya had been very depressed for the past month after losing her big sister, Teka.  Our vet told us that she needs a friend.  I am not ready for this but I went online to find husky rescue in PA.  We fell in love with this beautiful boy named LOBO.  We went to meet him after we were approved by the rescue. Heather will probably love this story for the wonderful person that you are fostering homeless dogs.  LOBO came to our home Thursday evening and we are keeping him.  He is five years old and was abandoned by his family.  He came to the rescue not understanding why he was there and very shy.  The rescue gave him nothing but and he came around.  I have not seen my dog Kya so happy in weeks!!  She loves him so much and he is so into her!!  Now our home has two females and two males!! Mike is very happy too!! 🙂  I cannot turn him away.  He needs a home and our baby needs a friend.  I hope you enjoy these pics!!

I have cried everyday since March 4th.  I actually didn’t cry today.  All my love to  everyone who wrote in when our Teka died.  I am sure that I will cry more, she was such an awesome dog.  But I need this right now, he is totally awesome!  And I know Teka would want Kya to have a friend for the remainder of her life.


UPDATE April 6th: Sue sent us a picture of Lobo showing his beautiful eyes.  “And yes he is spoiled,” she said,  “a couch dog already!!  Nothing but the best in this house for these amazing animals!!!  He fits right in!”