Sep 01, 2013

My Top Five Comfort Foods

Here’s a nice article I was invited to do about my favorite comfort foods for the website. (I think they asked the right person) It was not easy deciding on the final five – I had five more that didn’t make it. They were: rice pudding, pepperoni pizza, meat loaf, pączki, and pierogi. Eliminating these was like deciding which one of my children I should leave behind. I don’t have children but I do have love for potatoes. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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Jul 01, 2013

Jenny Can Cook

I have a new website dedicated solely to my love of cooking.

All my future recipes and food-related posts can now be seen there.

For anyone who cooks or wants to cook healthier food, you’ll find lots of healthy printable recipes, food photos, and How-To videos.

Click here to visit “Jenny Can Cook!”

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Feb 11, 2013

Do it for your Valentine

Make a spectacular breakfast for your Valentine.

This dramatic Caramelized Apple Pancake is surprisingly easy to make and it’s absolutely delicious!

Do it for your Valentine. Why?  Because you’ll get to eat half!

(My recipe is posted at

(or Click here for the printable recipe)

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Dec 21, 2012

Easiest Christmas Cookies Ever

You know those powdered sugar pecan balls that everyone loves? You’ll be shocked to see how easy they are to make… everything in one bowl, shape and bake! (there’s a printable recipe here, too)

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Nov 05, 2012

Quick/Easy Mac & Cheese

Sometimes, I don’t have time to bake my mac & cheese with the crumb topping but I still want my mac & cheese!

So I posted the easiest, fastest, (healthiest!) way to get  some mac & cheese into my pie-hole.

Look at that picture! It’s really creamy good!

There’s a printable recipe here:

There’s even a YouTube video:

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Aug 31, 2012

Chocolate Chip Pizza

I just posted a new video for Chocolate Chip Pizza. “What?” you say. “You can’t fool us, Ms Jones. The owl might fall for your plastic snake but we cannot be fooled. Isn’t a chocolate chip pizza just a giant cookie?” Well… maybe so… but it’s more fun to eat! And it’s easier, too. You only have to make one cookie. 🙂 Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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May 23, 2012

Barbeque chicken pizza!

Any plans for the long weekend?

How about making my “wood-fired-oven” style barbeque chicken pizza? I just posted the recipe and video on the site.

You’ll need a pizza stone and wooden peel for that crispy wood-fired style crust, but you can also make it in a pizza pan (like my pepperoni pizza).

This is so good, I may never have pepperoni again.

Click here for the recipe:

Click here for the video:

And have a great long weekend, everybody! 🙂

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May 01, 2012

Make breakfast for mom on Mother’s Day

Why not make breakfast for your mom this Mother’s Day?

I just posted a recipe for flaky, healthy, homemade buttermilk biscuits.

They are easier to make than you think.

Make them with some scrambled eggs and fresh fruit, a cup of green tea and bam! The perfect gift!

There are all types of moms: which one is yours?

1. Like June Cleaver only nicer.

2. Still treats me like I’m twelve but I like it.

3. Insists that she still looks good in a tube top.

4. Actually DOES look good in a tube top!

5. She needs a Jenny Jones makeover.

6. If I make the biscuits, that might be her next tattoo!

7. Don’t ask right now – she’s still on probation.

8. Always up in my business.

9. She’ll eat biscuits if George Cloony makes them.

10. Has anybody else’s mom made a sex tape?

Click here for the recipe.

Click here for the video.

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Feb 09, 2012

A Valentine Treat

Raise your hand if you would like homemade chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day. Now raise your other hand if you’d like them to be sinfully delicious but so healthy, you’re allowed to eat two. These are hands-down (get it? hands up – hands down!) the easiest and best chocolate cupcakes you can make. If you love someone, keep them healthy with this yummy homemade treat. I’ll be making a dozen for Denis… but I’ll tell him I only made six. 😉

Click here for the recipe.

Click here for the video.

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Feb 02, 2012

Make my nachos for Superbowl

Do you spend Superbowl Sunday on the couch eating unhealthy snacks, watching guys in better shape than you play football? Is your fridge the only place you’ll ever see a 6-pack? Then you need to make my nachos this Sunday. These are not like any nachos you’ve ever had.

Look at the picture!  Mine are healthy and nutritious, crunchy and delicious. I won’t lie – they take a little work, but you won’t feel like an over-stuffed football by the second half… you won’t need a time out to take a nap… your waist band won’t snap from too many chicken wings… the sofa springs won’t be audible every time you sit down… you won’t need double coverage to hide your stomach… your stomach won’t hurt from having one turnover too many… your friends won’t be scrambling to get your heart started again… your trip to the bathroom won’t be third-and-long… I think I will cut back on these really bad jokes… but make sure you roll out my nachos… they are the bomb.

Click here for the recipe.

Click here for the video.

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