Nov 14, 2010

Week in Review

1. Four and a half thousand people were stranded on a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico with no power, no toilets, no phones, no food (I don’t call Spam and Pop Tarts food). This was worse than the Chilean miners! But here’s the thing: The ship was only 80 miles from shore! They could probably see Mexico from the ship. How long does it take a power boat to go 80 miles & start picking people up?  An hour? What’s the problem? I could have made it to shore in an inner tube.

2. Somali Pirates have freed a  British couple after being held for a year.  Boy, that must have been haarrrrrrrd. Their release must have taken a lot of aarrrrbitration.  Or maybe someone paid a big ransom booty.  I guess they were determined to be freed, by hook or by crook.  Otherwise, it could have been aaarrrrrrmageddon.  Asked if they are glad to finally be free, the couple responded, “Yes, we aarrrrrrrre!”

3. Those with a morbid interest in dirty money spent two million dollars this week on Bernie Madoff’s stuff, like his Rolex, grand piano, and diamond rings… you know, the stuff he STOLE from trusting victims to the tune of Fifty Billion Dollars.  Isn’t that like fencing stolen goods?  Hey, Bernie’s living inside a fence!  How ironic!

4. You don’t supposed Oksana Grigorieva nailed Mel Gibson to further her singing career, do you? If she has a hit record, I’m playing tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers next year.

5. Sarah Palin has a new reality show about Alaska.  Let’s hope she gets voted off.

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10 Comments on “Week in Review”

  1. MrsNews says:

    Jenny what do you hope you will get this Christmas?


    Still waiting to hear if you will wear an apron if I make one for you???

  2. MrsNews says:

    Jenny I just watched Oprah’s show with all of the talk show hosts….I missed you were you invited? I missed seeing your pretty smile.


    • Jenny says:

      I was not invited. I guess she wasn’t a fan.

      • MrsNews says:

        REALLY?????? I am shocked you had one of the best shows on TV!! WOW!! Maybe she is going to invite you as a one person show so you don’t have to share the limelight!!

        Thought of you today…went to Walgreens!! LOL

  3. Rhonda says:

    The cruise ship breaking down was horrifying after recently going on a cruise to Mexico. It gave me goosebumps. Too close to home. I thought “Yikes!”. I have to agree it could’ve been handled differently 🙂
    Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are 2 people with really bad issue problems. Maybe a relationship that never should have been there…
    And Sarah Palin…hummm…
    In my opinion, she seems a little flaky and trying to be someone she is not. A big fake is the best way to describe her…
    I don’t see her lasting long in ANYTHING she does…
    Take care everyone and have a great week 🙂


  4. sue says:

    Just taking a break at work and reading these. Love em!!


  5. Ksu B. says:

    lol at the Sarah Palin comment. 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    Jenny, I love your week end reviews! Oksana sounds like a doe-doe bird. I could sing better than that. 😉

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