Dec 19, 2010

Bad hair days


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  1. Simon says:

    That’s what you get for all that 90 degree hot weather last week. Have some sympathy for us suckers with four feet of snow on our lawns.

    That Pineapple express does look pretty crazy though with 12-15 feet of snow just east of LA in the Sierra’s. When we left L.A in May and drove up that hwy it was already crazy windy roads, with that much snow up at Mammoth Lakes they will be buried.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Oh no! Rain all week. I say pull the hair up and be done with trying to fix it, but hey atleast the temp is above freezing 🙂
    Oh and Jenny be careful if you have to drive in that mess, especially on Wednesday. Possible flooding. Very dangerous waters…

    Take care,

  3. MrsNews says:

    You are hilarious girlfriend….someone posted on FaceBook if you could invite 6 people to dinner who would they be….

    My answer was…
    Paula Deen (to cook), Jenny Jones, Reba, Dolly Parton, forgot this one and
    Jake Gyllenhall for dessert!!


  4. Florencia Garcia says:

    Aww don’t be sad Jenny. A lot of times the meteorologists get things wrong. You never know, it may not rain. At least you don’t have snow and very cold weather. 🙁

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