Jan 23, 2011

Week in Review

1. The Golden Globes should have been called the Golden Gloves. I was sure somebody would punch Ricky Gervais’s lights out in the green room for being so mean… but so funny…but so mean…but so funny…but… Ricky’s a good actor but don’t expect to see him in the next John Travolta movie.

2. Charlie Sheen seems to be headed down a very wrong path. I wonder if he even remembers half the stuff he’s doing. Do you suppose he shoved his own car down the ravine off Mulholland Drive and just forgot? Maybe he thinks he parked it there and walked up, wondering why his driveway seemed so steep.

3. Martha Stewart needed nine stitches for a split lip. She says her dog hit her in the face. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

4. Most famous people who engage in an act of career-damaging stupidity, check into rehab. But they’re usually famous for more than two days. Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the radio voice, couldn’t deal. Shoving him into the spotlight was like taking a priest to a strip club – too much too soon.

5. Regis Philbin is quitting his show? I was shocked… not that he was quitting, but that he’s still alive. 😉

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4 Comments on “Week in Review”

  1. Tara says:

    ha ha ha. Poor Regis

  2. MrsNews says:

    Jenny you’re bad!!! Call me so we can dish together!!


  3. Nicole says:

    Jenny, I’m glad to see your weekly review is back. Are you sure Regis is still alive? 🙂 Thanks for the laughs.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Jenny, I was just wondering today where your reviews were. I love your reviews 😉
    I never really liked Charlie and now I know why. He seems like a bad boy that stays in trouble. Especially here recently…
    Martha with a split lip. Must have been a horse…lol…wait! I mean Great Dane 🙂
    Number 4 is my favorite one…
    I have to agree with you Jenny. The dude was homeless. I heard he was an alcoholic. Rehab should’ve came first before anything, but yet he’s on some program I was watching and they were offering rehab to him and I noticed he hesitated with an answer, so yeah “too much too soon”…
    Oh and Ted sounds just like Rick Dees, seriously!…lol…
    Take care and have a great week, Jenny…


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