Mar 06, 2011

Week in Review – Special Edition

This week in review is dedicated entirely to Charlie Sheen…

~Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem so troubled after all, does she? And Mel Gibson seems pretty normal right now.

~Paging Mr. Stein… Mr. Crazy McWackenstein.

~I have fruitcake on my mind and it’s not even Christmas.

~How bad do things have to be for your Hollywood publicist to quit when you’re getting more publicity than anyone on the planet?  Oh well, at least Charlie still has his personal manager, B.L. Zebub.

~Charlie should friend Moammar Gadhafi on Facebook. They have a lot in common, both floating down De Nile River believing everything in their world is fine while Gadhafi is killing his people and Charlie is killing his career.

~This can’t end well and I don’t see Charlie “winning.”  The only happy ending in store for Charlie will be from one of his porn stars. 🙂


15 Comments on “Week in Review – Special Edition”

  1. PaulaP says:

    So funny! I certainly hope he gets help… Although I think he has a better chance than Mel Gibson. Poor Mel is always going to be a racist pig.

  2. NVirgina says:

    Oh! Ms Jenny… I have bad news, I am not sure if you seen Entertainment Tonight, tonight but Charlie is about to be your competition, he has a cooking video now! called “winning recipe” … should have been called kraut & whiners…opps I think I meant weiners. oh lawd! Did I type that outloud?

  3. NVirgina says:

    This is just my opinion, I can’t believe his family doesn’t step in and force him to go into some kind of rehab/help somewhere, hope they don’t feel guilty when he dies knowing they didn’t do anything… someone call the california department of social services/adult protection services and report that he needs help! And if Lindsay reads your blog hopefully, she will see what her future holds… also did anyone Watch tonight’s episode of Glee, Ms Paltrow’s rendition of “Kiss” and “Landslide” were fabulous! she can sing! I am sure not as good as Jenny tho!
    Does anyone watch Bethany ever after on Bravo… Hey Jenny what do you think of Andy Cohen from Bravo’s channel remark about those kids singing at the Awards… I am not sure if he is funny or not? What does everyone else think about the gas prices this week, I am in Virginia and paying $3.49 a gallon, I am working to just pay for gas!

    • sue says:

      Hi NVirginia,

      Martin Sheen did try to get his son into rehab. Charlie is the one that refuses help and refuses to believe that he is the one with the problem. It’s a shame, because we are fans of Two and Half Men!! Hopefully nobody from the new hit “Mike and Molly” will go off the deep end!!!
      Gas in PA is 3.55 a gallon for regular!! It cost me 65.00 to fill up my car Monday morning when it used to cost me 20.00 !!!

      Have a good one! 🙂

      • NVirgina says:

        They can force him into a 72 hour observation against his will! and they should!
        and I don’t know about you but I feel as tho I am working just to fill up the tank!
        let’s vote Jenny for president…I think she can straighten things out!

  4. Sue says:

    And why do you think they call it dope?? 🙂 what a fool to kill his career with his drugs! The things that come out of his mouth are insane!! I hope he gets real help and they make him look back on all his comments, I would be embarrassed!!

    By the way, I hope you, Denis and your staff at home enjoyed that pic!! Some of those cards are so funny you just have to scan them and send them out!!

    Time to start work!!
    Have a great day all!! 🙂

  5. MrsNews says:

    Is he crazy??? Or crazy like a fox??


  6. Dana says:

    Charlie is going downhill fast. He think people are going to bow down and kiss his feet. I don’t see that happening this time Charlie. Good Luck with your career.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Charlie Sheen’s world is going to hell in a hand basket. He’s life is a mess and he seems to think he’s got things in control. He needs to think again. It almost seems like he has no mind nor brains to even think straight half the time…
    Charlie is way out of control. After all said and done he might have to go crawling back to his porn stars for happy endings like you said…
    I agree! Lindsay and Mel’s life seem a bit normal right now…

  8. jean says:

    lmao so true!

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