Apr 20, 2011

Idol Predictions

The girls need to go! I believe the winner will be a boy. I watched all the performances tonight and as a musician myself, I think the best talent is Casey Abrams. Here’s how I would vote: I imagine each of the current finalists having a concert – who would I pay money to go and see? I would buy a ticket to see Casey. Jacob Lusk can sing for sure but sometimes I feel like he’s yelling at me. I do like country music and Scotty has a great voice except his songs all sound the same… and I wish he’d stop leaning. Haley Reinhart has a great contemporary style, I might go to her concert (if parking wasn’t a problem). James Durbin rocks the stage but either he’s too young or I’m too old. When he was singing, I could swear I heard somebody say, “Turn down that racket!” Oh wait – it was me. Stefano is sooo cute ┬ábut I don’t think he’s ready – but cuter than a fat-cheeked baby holding a box of kittens. So here is my prediction for who will win, with runners-up, just like Miss America.

5th runner up: Scotty McCreery

4th runner up: Jacob Lusk

3rd runner up: Haley Reinhart

2nd runner up: James Durbin

Winner: Casey Abrams

Correct me if I’m wrong…..

*ADDED APRIL 21st: I just read that Haley & Casey are hooking up! Is it just me or is this a really bad idea?

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3 Comments on “Idol Predictions”

  1. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    I think Scotty looks like Alfred E Newman from Mad Magazine…is it just me?
    I like country but he is like Willie Nelson (minus the pot) I love to hear them sing but I don’t like to watch them.

    Jacob shouldn’t even be in the running at this point…but I believe he is getting the minority vote just because….

    Stefano is cute but he is not a showman..he needs to put himself out there he is too timid.

    Haley is great and will go far…but not yet she is too young but we haven’t heard the last of her.

    Lauren….great singer but not the American Idol but I can picture Steven Tyler taking her to his tour bus for a couple of hours (if she would only let him)

    Casey…what am I missing about him? I just don’t get him…another Taylor Hicks!

    James…he is the whole package…he wants it…he needs it…he breathes it…would I go to his concert…NO….I am old…I don’t like that crap…BUT having said that I think he will take it all!

    Good Morning Peeps!!


  2. Becky says:

    I absolutely want Casey to win. The performances lately have been sort of….*yawn*, which is disappointing!!!! I’m an avid watcher since season 1, but the only standout to me is Casey.
    Haley thinks she has it won already, and her growling is getting as annoying as James’ screaming and Scotty’s dull same-old-same-old performances.
    I think Lauren is a terrific singer but I guess maybe a bit too young and inexperienced…she has an amazing voice, but doesn’t know how to rock the stage/audience.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I had thunderstorms wake me up and wanted to check how close they were and thought I would stop by here before signing off…
    I’ll say you have somewhat of an idea as me. Casey does have a nice singing voice. I’m pulling for Lauren Alaina, but Casey is really good…
    My predictions are…

    5th runner up: Jacob Lusk

    4th runner up: James Durbin

    3rd runner up: Scotty McCreery

    2nd runner up: Lauren Alaina

    Winner: Casey Abrams

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