Apr 27, 2011

Am I in a Bad Mood?

I must be in a bad mood because I tried to watch Idol and see how the singing was but  I couldn’t focus for all the distractions.  When Jacob sang, I couldn’t stop looking at that upholstery jacket and the yellow shirt, then I couldn’t stop focusing on the bow tie. Why? It’s too close to the face. Then the wide shot and I saw those shoes! It was too much! The only thing louder than his voice was his clothes.

Then Haley sang something but I don’t know what it was. I was trying to identify those giant objects dangling from her ears. Were they car parts? Sifters? Cheese slicers? Her song escaped me.

Scotty sang and…. wait…. was this last week’s show I recorded? Are you allowed to sing the same song over and over?

Note to  James – no backlighting.

Casey, Casey, you’re getting on my nerves and I don’t know why. If I want to hear growling, I’ll just wake Denis up at 3 a.m. to kill a spider.

And another thing: This show is just like Taco Bell meat – too much filler!  Maybe I’m just in a bad mood and I’ll have to post a retraction tomorrow.

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3 Comments on “Am I in a Bad Mood?”

  1. Rhonda says:

    I have to say, Haley gained some ratings points with me. Less growling, more high pitch controlled notes. The growling has got to go…

    Scotty needs to stick with country songs only. that voice just doesn’t fly with me doing anything else but country music…

    James did okay. He needs to tone it down a little. His high pitch makes my skin crawl. I’m not the one to like heavy metal and he seems to keep that tone with his choice of song. He needs to get rid of it or tone it down just a little bit. If he could do that I think he could take it all…

    I have to agree with you on Jacob’s choice of wardrobe. Kinda reminds me of how the 3 stooges dress. Plaid and bow tie. Not good at all…

    Poor Lauren. She had me in tears. I hope she can find her comfort zone. If she can, then I think she has a good chance of winning…

  2. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    I think Jacob thought he was trying out for a spot on GLEE!

    The others were okay but I still think James will take it all….he wants it…I see that in him. The others don’t have that drive.

    AND what was up with Jacob’s bowtie?? I thought it was fashion statement until Ryan fixed it…NO ONE saw that before he went on TV???

    I don’t know anything about lighting so for common folk we didn’t notice…LOL.

    I would also like to know a little more background on who picks out the clothes, who pays for them etc…just sayin


  3. Becky says:

    Jenny….I guess I’m just like you because I find myself getting annoyed now at this show. Why do I keep watching? Self-torture must be it.
    In all honesty, I do believe James is the best singer. He stays true each week, but I HAD to laugh when you said no backlighting…you are BAD. lol 😉

    On the growling note, it’s no wonder Casey & Haley are an item, since they both think growling is gonna win it all. UGH.

    Speaking of earrings, did you catch LAUREN’S??? OMG!! :O

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