May 12, 2011

American Idol – Too Sad

I was stunned to see Scotty and both Haley and Lauren in the final three and not James. He wanted it more than any of them and clearly had a hard time accepting defeat. Watching this show is too sad when losing is so painful.  I remember being on Star Search and how with every performance my heart pounded so hard I was afraid the microphone would pick it up. Everything was at stake. And when I won, my career soared. But the comic I defeated seemed to disappear. Watching this episode brought back a lot of memories of striving for acceptance, dealing with rejection, and the roller coaster of emotion that being a struggling performer brings. I thought once I succeeded, things would change and I’d no longer have to face rejection and even worse, I’d never feel like I didn’t matter. Some day, I will talk about the many times I was rejected at the peak of my television career and by whom. Maybe that’s why I won’t go back…

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  1. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Isn’t it funny how successful we can be in life and one rejection can take that away. It is like being in a room of 100 people and 99 of them really like you but it is that 1 person that doesn’t that we remember.

    I was sad that James was voted off he really really wanted it and I think he will do well but I don’t know how all of that works in the background. I hope he is successful but I don’t want the success to change him either and it usually does. He is a humble man that loves his family and maybe God has other plans for him?

    I think the problem is that those of us that watch don’t vote. Hardly anyone I talk to actually picks up the phone and votes. I did a couple of times this year only to vote for James. It was the first time because I assumed my vote didn’t really count. I think if enough people feel that way and don’t vote that speaks volumns!

    Do you guys vote? I see the same thing happening on DWTS…it is a popularity contest not who is the best dancer.


    • Rhonda says:

      Hey Kathy,
      I vote but not every week. I only vote when I feel like my favorite deserves the vote and with Lauren last week giving me chills I had to vote. She sang “Anyway” by Martina Mcbride and she did really well with it. I hope she can stay in her comfort zone, because I think she’s found it…

  2. sue says:

    Some day, I will talk about the many times I was rejected at the peak of my television career and by whom. Maybe that’s why I won’t go back…

    And…. look at the success you have had in life my friend!! Anyone who might have rejected you was a fool! You are soooooo awesome! You have this special gift and love that so many people love and admire about you! And you’re humble! Congrats Jenny on all of your success. You deserve it! You don’t need to go back. Enjoy life now without all the stress and the “having to be number one!” You are number one to all of us and especially Denis and all of the people that you have touched in this life.
    Thank you for your friendship!!

    I think it’s awesome that you expressed your feelings. It allows us, your major fans to get to know you even better! Have a honey bbq chicken taco my sista!!

    Love you!

  3. Chris says:

    I was sad too. There’s a lot of emotion on Idol this year with James crying and Haley arguing with the judges, which I thought would send her home for sure last night. UGH! I’ve never thought the best singer always wins, it’s the “most popular” one who wins – the ones who get people to vote. I think that will be Scotty…

  4. Rhonda says:

    Aww, Jenny. I’m sending you a cyber hug. I can tell with James going home it reflected back on you in your days of trying to make it. I think you did good for yourself. I know you fought hard by the things you say in your book and to succeed with what you have done Jenny.

    It was sad James lost out tonight. Even though I didn’t like his singing. I was sad, because I sensed how he must have felt too, so I can see you really getting a jolt from his emotions. Even though he wasn’t at the top he will make it. His emotions tear me up. especially the other week when he poured out his feeling in the song he was singing. I actually liked what he was singing that week…

    I’ve been watching Idol since day 1, the whole 11 years and when it comes down to the wire there will be shockers like with James tonight and with Casey. That’s why I stopped posting about each one because things change when they are this close to crowning a new Idol winner…

  5. Becky says:

    I was really hoping Haley would go home tonight, after how she was on Wednesday night. She acted like an immature, egotistical BRAT. The way she talked to and treated the judges was unacceptable behaviour. They are only trying to help HER.
    She owes them (especially Randy) an apology, IMHO.

    • Rhonda says:

      The judges are there to guide them to do better like Jennifer said last night. Haley takes in all the bad and is kinda immature about it I do agree, but I have to say Haley comes back dominating the stage it seems and she doesn’t do too bad with the 2nd song…

  6. Heather says:

    I agree…it made me really sad to see him go.

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