May 21, 2011

Week in Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  cheating doesn’t really come as a surprise, but WHO he did it with, WHERE he did it, and WHEN he did it (babies delivered FIVE days apart!) puts him in a whole new category. His story is best described using his own movie titles:

PREDATOR – What he is.

RAW DEAL – What Maria got.

TRUE LIES – How he lived his life.

TWINS – His two sons are almost twins.

CONAN the DESTROYER – What he did to his wife.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE – What this did to his family.

TOTAL RECALL – Will he recall another love-child?

END OF DAYS – Where his career is headed.

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY – What his future holds.

A mother injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox, then lost custody of her child. But wait, now she claims it was all a hoax. What’s worse? Injecting your child’s face with toxins or teaching her to lie for money? Botox paralyzes muscles, so let’s inject some into her lips so they will stop flapping.

International Monetary Fund chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, went from Penthouse to Rikers Island for a reported sexual assault at  New York hotel. Rich & powerful men don’t like prison. They can’t relate to the riff-raff in there. Hey, maybe he and O.J. can be pen pals!

Everyone’s talking about the big rupture that’s supposed to happen today but they never said what kind. Is it a volcano rupture? Or maybe an underground gas line rupture – that would be big. Wait. Maybe it’s a famous person’s spleen. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out tomor…..what? Oooh…. RAPture!… My bad.

Donald Trump is not running for president after all. He chose a reality show over the presidency. Why not do both? With Trump in the White House, we could call it: The Biggest Ego: Cameras show the oval office being enlarged to accomodate Trump’s head.

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  1. excellent reviews and btw,first time i laughed all day. funny stuff. but i noticed you nhavent had any weekly reviews since am i goin to laugh this week? its been six months since a weekly review. are you gonna continue to do it? i can help you somehoe if you dont have time(since ur always cooking yummy stuff),maybe thats something i can help you with to pay my mortgage. yea that was me that just sent you that letter. anyways, love your weekly reviews. kim.

  2. Love your hilarious blogs!!! Looking forward to MORE, MORE, MORE!! Thank you, Jenny xoxo

  3. Tiffie says:

    I visited my Uncle and his family today and at 5:50pm, my cousin told me that the world was going to end in ten minutes. I said, “Well, I’m glad I went in for my manicure & pedicure as planned~!” How dare I die without a couple fresh coats of OPI on my nails?! 😀 No one in my family took any of the “threats” serious. My Mom even attended a graduation party. I said, “They planned the party for TODAY?! Wow. Talk about being inconsiderate of others’ final moments.” ROFL~! 😀


  4. sue says:

    Well it’s 8p.m. here in PA and we are all still here!!! 🙂 I feel so bad for the child that had to lose his life for the jackass woman who thought the end of the world was today and decided to sacrifice her son???? When did Jesus say kill your children for me?? I must have missed that chapter! I love your review it was awesome!! I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about Oprah’s new religion. The Oprah Religion. WOW!! Has she gone bizerk???


    • Rhonda says:

      I like to see a strong woman that can be powerful but Oprah has really gone overboard and to the extreme. I feel like Oprah lives off power, strength and control alone and without that she would be nothing. I dislike Oprah for that reason. I’m not here to down the religion but it is a little too much and I would have to agree with you about Oprah, Sue…

  5. Rhonda says:

    Arnold has a lot of nerve to be against gay marriages when his marriage isn’t what a marriage between a man and women is AND he feels it’s not good for a child to grow up with a single parent. Now he has 4 children with Maria who will be fatherless… It’s sad for the children involved and I feel bad for Maria, but what a joke Arnold is.

    These pageant moms need to stop making their daughters look like adult women. Have they not learned after what happen to the JonBenét Ramsey? It damages a child to be pushed into adulthood too fast… Pageants are okay for girls 16 years and older. I think they should be banned for younger girls…

    Donald Trump wouldn’t be a good president because he’s too hot headed. I’m predicting Obama will most likely be re-elected. I could be wrong…

    And finally nothing has erupted and caused harm, no comet or meteor, no volcano, no earthquake nor tornadoes or tsunami, so relax people 🙂

    Great review Jenny! 🙂

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