Nov 08, 2011

Drug store wardrobe – again!

I did it again. Last year I did some wardrobe shopping at Walgreens (see July 25, 2010 posting). I wasn’t planning to but they had the display right in front of the entrance and it was only $9.99 for a beautiful summer skirt. I bought it, hoping it wouldn’t make the tabloids in the “Stars Who Have Hit Hard Times” section. So… fast forward to last month when my sister was here and being from Canada, she was looking for a warm and fuzzy plaid outdoor jacket. We never found it, maybe because it was 80 degrees every day of her visit. Literally, the day after she left I went to Rite-Aid and there it was! Right at the entrance – a rack of warm and fuzzy plaid outdoor jackets. This was exactly what she wanted – for $19.95! With a hood! And extra zip lining! It was perfect!  But I had to make sure the size was right so I tried it on myself. One look in a mirror and I’d know what size to get but this was a pharmacy and they don’t have dressing rooms… or mirrors. Can somebody please put mirrors in the drug store! I put on the jacket and walked up and down the aisles looking at my reflection in various glass display cases, but I couldn’t see much. Finally, I found a rack of sunglasses with that long skinny 2-inch wide, 48-inch tall strip of mirror which is great if you’re a naked anorexic. I was able to see enough to pick the right size. She got it, loved it, and said it was a perfect fit. What’s next at the drug store? “Waiting for a prescription? Get your eyelids done on aisle three!”

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  1. Sister Liz says:

    11/22/11 – Fast forward to today in Canada, cold but nice and those two Rite-Aid warm and fuzzy shirts/hoodies/jackets are worn daily. Honest to God I wear it to work, shopping, outside walking the dog and no matter what, it looks good. And that’s without considering the price and source.
    Trust my sister to do it again!

  2. Sue says:

    You can find anything in a drugstore! Back in 2009, I had a horrible bout with poison Ivy, my face was triple its size and my eyes were swollen so bad I could have been in a horror movie! My doctor gave me a prescription for prednisone and I went to fill it. While I was there, a human size hot dog came over to me with a tray of weenie tots AKA pigs in a blanket, and asked me to try one. As I walked away I saw an ice-cream cone standing in front of the frozen section!! After seeing this, I was a bit scared to start my prescription!! 🙂 But apparently, they were trying to promote their new food section of the drug store!!
    My face finally went back to normal, but; while it was still quite puffy, my friend took a picture of me and two others singing karaoke and tagged me on Facebook. How embarrassing! I would rather of dressed up as an ice-cream cone smiling and waving at everybody!!

    • Tiffie says:

      This reminds me of when I was younger, living with a roommate, & having the time of my life. My roommate was looking for a job & she was going through the paper trying to find one. She came across an ad that said, ‘Looking for a new company mascot. Must bring your own costume. You get an hour to stand out front & draw in clients in whatever creative way you can. Whomever draws in the most business, gets the job.” We decided to go through the phone book and find a place that rented mascot-type costumes. My roommate decided on being a cow & I reserved the pig outfit.

      We had it all planned out where, we would wear just the mascot head with a bikini~!!!!! We were going to hula hoop, do the swim, & anything else “creative” as the ad instructed~!


      We didn’t end up going through with it because it was in the middle of January but, when we canceled our costume order; the lady said “I have had SO many people reserve outfits for next week. I wonder if there is another one of THOSE conventions in town…..?????” I slammed the phone down & screamed! Just the way she said “THOSE”, made me instanly know she obviously knew WAY MORE about life than I did! HAHAHAHAHA~!!!!!


  3. Rhonda says:

    Jenny, if they can have mirrors for sunglasses, why not clothes? If stores are going to sale clothes they should have fitting rooms or at least a long door mirror. If Goodwill can afford fitting rooms I would think any store could afford one 🙂
    I love plaid and it seems like a very nice jacket. Glad you found it for your sister and it’s what she wanted. I like shopping at drug stores too. As a teen I love shopping at an Eckerd which is now known as Rite-Aid, but I go to CVS now. Which they all seem the same but the CVS is walking distance and close by the house so I go there mostly. I just hate traffic and if I can avoid it I will 🙂
    The CVS is doing some remodeling and I’m actually excited on how it’s going to look 😀
    Oh and Jenny I don’t pay the tabloids any attention it’s all a bunch of garbage to me. People should be respected of their privacy and should live like they want to. If you want to shop at Walgreens that’s your business not anyone else’s 😉

  4. MrsNews says:

    Damn you Jenny…I never go to Walgreens without thinking of you! I always check out their stuff.

    I bought 2 of those little itty bitty crinkle blouses for $9.99. I brought them home and showed my DH ( Dear Husband). It looks like it can fit a doll. When I held it up he said, ” Oh that’s one of those blouse that stretches big enough to fit an elephant’! All of a sudden his eyes got huge when he realized what he had said…..errrrr….I didn’t mean anything by that….hmmm I love you, honey…it will look really nice on you…

    Yes ladies, he’s all mine!!!


  5. Becky says:

    I love it!!!! Love all the different little things you can find at drug stores!
    A CVS Pharmacy just opened here in my lil town and I love going in there!

  6. marty says:

    Jenny, Maybe they should bring back the soda jerk what do you think?

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