Jan 15, 2012

Vegas, baby!

We are off to Las Vegas for the week! My stepmom is moving and Denis and I are going to help with the move. I’m making her a surprise batch of my caramel corn as a housewarming gift – she loves that stuff. But we will make time for some fun… a little blackjack… a few sluts…. oops, I meant slots but we should see plenty of both.

I have a fun idea. If anyone has a lucky number, I will put a dollar on it for you in roulette. Can you play a dollar in roulette? Whatever the minimum bet, I will place it in your behalf. If your number wins, I will send you the winnings, assuming you trust me with your dollar. Oh wait — it’s not your dollar — but I will send you the winnings anyway. And keep my dollar. The winning odds on a single number are 35 to 1. (Denis will witness the bets)

This offer is good for the first 15 people who send me their lucky number. There are 36 numbers on the wheel. So I guess we’re having another contest of sorts. Should be fun. Good luck!!

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  1. Jenny Jones says:

    It is freezing here in Vegas – down into the 30s at night. But my roulette table is going to be HOT! I plan to play the numbers tomorrow but here is the dilemma: play them all at once or individually? It seem that playing all the numbers at once would improve the odds of one coming up, but then it’s over in a second. I had planned on playing each number separately but what’s if I play 3 and 7 comes up? Now I’m not sure. Any thoughts?

    • Rhonda says:

      I like the thought of playing them all at once. More than one of our numbers could win, but then like you said playing them all at once would be a fast game, so why don’t you play half the numbers and make 2 games of play. Tonight divide the numbers up by maybe drawing numbers from a hat to determine which numbers to play first and prep yourself to have some fun 🙂

      • Tiffie says:

        Jenny, maybe play them individually, in the order they were given? That might be a way to solve the question “what if I play 3 & 7 comes up”.

        Good luck Jenny/everyone! 🙂


      • Rhonda says:

        Oh and Jenny stay warm. You seem to be having the weather we are here lows in the 30’s here also…brrrr!

  2. AJ says:

    Have fun, beware those one armed bandits and stick to the tables 🙂 I think the slots are geared to hypnotize you. Spin a 27 for me 🙂

  3. Roll Dog says:

    Excellent. Have fun.

    I would like to go there myself.

  4. Tiffie says:

    If I’m not too late; # 10 black, please.

    This is going to be fun 🙂 Good luck, everyone!


  5. Ruth says:

    Jenny, This should be fun. Red 12 is my lucky number.Thanks

  6. hana says:

    34 is my lucky number!

  7. Sue says:

    red 9 Have a great time!!! 🙂

  8. Rhonda says:

    Have a great time. Fingers crossed. Number 17

  9. Jenny says:

    Room for seven more!

  10. Heather says:

    Have a great time. 23

  11. Charlotte says:

    black 14 good luck

  12. Becky says:

    Thanks, Jenny!!! Black 11 🙂
    Have a great time!

  13. MrsNews says:

    Josh took my number!! ; (

    Have a great time, your apron will be at your house when you get back! WooHoo
    My husband and I were thinking about buying a small home in Vegas but I would be in the casinos all the time so why buy a house?

    Good Luck and have fun!


  14. Bob says:

    Lucky number 7 red Jenny! I got a feeling 🙂

  15. Sean says:

    Hey Jenny ! Red # 5 for me please. Good luck !

    • Tiffie says:

      You beat me to my favourite number (5) HAHA! 🙂 It’s ok. It (usually) brings me luck. I hope it does for you, too. 🙂


  16. Ksu says:

    A black 6 pls.
    Have fun :).

  17. Josh says:

    red 3 🙂 have fun

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