Mar 04, 2012

Week in Review

An Ohio church is offering a drive-thru Ash Wednesday blessing for parishioners who might be pressed for time. What’s next… confessions on twitter?

A woman in Philadelphia dubbed the “Black Madam” was arrested recently at a so-called “pumping party” where she was about to perform illegal butt injections. All those stupid enough to participate didn’t realize you can obtain the same result by eating doughnuts.

The Six Billion Dollar Man (CSI creator Anthony Zuiker) is in divorce court hell. His soon-to-be ex-wife may be getting $443,528 a month.  All that CSI equipment can’t seem to find evidence of a prenup.

A man in a wheelchair was arrested after robbing a convenience store in Florida. He took a 12-pack of beer and made his getaway but got stuck in the sand behind the store. Police found him there, in his wheelchair, drinking a Bud Light. I’m guessing this was the second 12-pack of the day.

Snooki is pregnant! This pregnancy is going to require a lot of money… unless they sell bulk paternity tests at Costco.

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5 Comments on “Week in Review”

  1. Rhonda says:

    There are some not so smart people out here and your reviews prove it…
    I like the confessions on twitter line best, but during this time and age, you never know and I agree doughnuts would do the job for a bigger butt. These people must be desperate to have injections and Anthony should have been a little smarter when he married now it seems his pockets are getting hit hard and his ex-wife will be a rich ex-wife. Not a smart move on his part. The guy in the wheelchair had to be drunk and on his 2nd 12 pack to do something so stupid. Did he honestly think he could get away with it. Not smart. I don’t know much about Snooki either but she seems like one of those people who love public attention…
    I enjoy your reviews. You’re just so funny about’em. Have a nice week Jenny 🙂

  2. MrsNews says:

    Love you insight!! Thanks for the smile!!

  3. Sue says:

    Crack me up JJ 🙂 Sick thing about the alimony too! Why do these people think they need so much? I love your comment about eating the doughnuts! 🙂 What an idiot!! And as far as the guy in the wheelchair…that’s just funny!! 🙂 I have never seen Snooki because I gave up on MTV years ago but I hear the morning DJ’s around here constantly mocking her. She sounds like your typical “too young to handle what she has with any maturity”…

    Work is quiet today, shocking!!
    Have a great day!

  4. Roll Dog says:

    Good information to learn and know. Thanks.

  5. Jean says:

    lmao Thanks for the laughs Jenny! 🙂

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