Apr 02, 2012

Do you know me?

I must admit I was pretty excited when someone told me I was part of a Trivial Pursuit question.

Then I heard I was part of a question on Jeopardy and also Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

So I decided to do my own “Who Really Knows Me?” quiz.

For anyone who thinks they know me, see if you can answer these questions:

1) Can you name five jobs I’ve had besides talk show host?

2) What’s my favorite thing to do?

3) What make & model car do I drive?

4) How long have I been with my partner, Denis?

5) Which of these critters has NOT appeared in my backyard: deer, coyote, pheasant, opossum, rattlesnake, skunk, squirrel, bobcat, rabbit, hawk?

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4 Comments on “Do you know me?”

  1. Sue says:

    1. Waitress, 2. Back up singer for Wayne Newton, 3. Stand-up Comic,
    4. Hostess, 5. Singer/musician in your own rock band.

    2. Cooking and creating your own recipes 🙂
    3. 2003 Blue Lexus (very low mileage!!) I also don’t know the model.
    4. 25+ years
    5. Opossum

  2. Larry says:

    Comedian, Drummer, Waitress, Bookkeeper, Model


    27 years

    2003 Blue Lexus (Denis once had a 2001 Dodge Dakota)


  3. marty says:

    All of the above but for number 3 a Lexus LS.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I bet you do get excited knowing you are seen by others and these games you are part of people have to have knowledge and know there stuff on these games, but I’ll give it a shot. You come up with cool things to do to make your website such fun. It’s one of my favorite places to visit online 😉 🙂

    1. Waitress, Caterer, Secretary, Musician and Comedian…
    2. Cooking…
    3. Lexus is the make and I don’t know the model…
    4. 25+ years…
    5. Opossum…

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