Apr 12, 2012

Living in fear

This is no way to live! Isn’t it everybody’s dream to live in Southern California? I just realized that I live here in constant fear. These are real things that I think about every day. Let’s review:

1) Earthquakes: Every time I drive and have to stop at a light under a freeway overpass, I get nervous. “What if today’s the day for the big one? What if the overpass comes down on my car? Should I get down on the floor of the car? What if they find me and I’m not wearing my good underwear?”

2) High speed police chases: We just had another high speed chase last night – it seems to be a weekly occurence. Whenever  I drive through a large intersection on a green light, I’m nervous. “What if there’s a high speed chase and he’s going so fast I won’t even see him coming? What if there’s a shootout and he uses my car as a shield? What if he T-bones me at 90 mph? Maybe I shouldn’t drive.”

3) Rattlesnakes: There are signs everywhere… at the nursery, on the walking trails, in the canyons – It’s rattlesnake season! My gardener just reminded me to be careful, it’s rattlesnake season. “What if I’m in my back yard and I step on one? What if I’m gardening and I pick one up by accident? What if I scare one and it bites me and I don’t make it to the hospital in time? What if I die on the way, or I’m in the ambulance and a high speed chase hits us, or we have to stop under a freeway overpass and there’s an earthquake?!”

4) Spiders: Spider season is also coming and for some reason, my house gets some HUGE spiders, mostly at night. “What if a spider crawls on my face when I’m sleeping? What if that red mark on my leg is a spider bite? What if it’s a black widow or a brown recluse? What if I die in my sleep from a spider bite? What if I wake up and it’s on my eye?”

This is no way to live!


Here is the picture of Sue’s Easter Cookies using my Christmas cookie recipe. Sue says, “They were sooooo good and everyone devoured them!” The bunnies look great.

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14 Comments on “Living in fear”

  1. sue says:

    Jenny, FYI
    I just resent the picture of my Easter cookies, your recipe!! They were sooo good! and My friends who made your strawberry cake for Easter couldn’t brag about it enough!!


  2. sue says:

    I hear you my sista!!! I’ve got my own problems for real!

    1.) I have had this annoying crack in my ass since God knows when! I called my lawyer yesterday to see if I had a case, butt..he still hasn’t got back to me. ??

    2.) Cleavage…I’m sitting on it!!

    3.) I’ve been working in a funeral home for 12 years now and I’m still seeing dead people!!!

    4.) I had to go to staples today for some shopping for work and I left my sunroof open in the new jeep and when I started driving back, two bees flew in my face! Talk about a crazy driver, I was swatting and driving for 2 miles!!! People must have been talking about ME!!
    5.) and speaking about spiders, I opened up my green tea this morning and one was crawling around in it! I have been itching all day!!

    Uggggghhh!!! 🙂

    Sue 😉

  3. Rhonda says:

    Stay put, Jenny. You can’t get away from fear of those things no matter where you go. There will always be something scary. If you move to the East side of the map your fear would probably be hurricanes and tornados in place of the earthquakes. I’m with you on the fear of rattlesnakes but spiders don’t scare me. I keep my distances and would never touch one. I find them interesting and talented at making webs. Rattlesnakes and spiders are everywhere, so there’s no running from them and as for high speed chase, those are unpredictable and can happen almost anywhere as well, but at least you are far warned and when I hear sirens I turn my radio down to prepare myself to stop. I’m just waiting for some idiot to try and make the light and ignore what’s coming. I see that happen a lot here. Policemen here have been injured and or killed because of careless drivers. I feel you are a safe driver Jenny and as long as you drive safe there shouldn’t be a problem…

  4. Ruth says:

    OMG! I worry about the same things.(I live in Columbia Station, Ohio,so it isn’t a Cali thing…)I worry more about sleeping with my mouth open and then the spider crawling in.I need a glass of wine!

    • Jenny says:

      Oh, great! Now I have something else to worry about – I never thought about sleeping with my mouth open. I’m having a beer! 🙂

  5. John says:

    Guess that means you should move back to Chicago and do another show. Come on, plllease?! 😉

  6. MrsNews says:

    Lighten up if it is your time you are going!
    Meanwhile laugh at yourself and enjoy every minute!
    Call me…we can hang out and take pictues of people at Wal-Mart on our smartphones and giggle together!


  7. Chris says:

    LOL!! I love your posts, jenny. A spider on your eye??? Check that underwear! 🙂

  8. Becky says:

    Jenny, I think you either need to (a) move, or (b) spoke a joint a couple of times a day. Then you won’t worry so much.

  9. marty says:

    Maybe you should move to Jew Jersey. We don’t have those kind of problems here.

  10. Roll Dog says:

    I would suggest moving to a town that is not busy or crowded or suburb city ( I think that it is between a town and city).

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