Apr 30, 2012

No babies yet

I’m checking every day but no babies yet. This time, mom let me get really close so she either trusts me now or she’s had enough of me and refuses to leave. She sits on the eggs most of the day until the gardener shows up with the blower (it’s okay, he knows about the nest and he’s waiting to see the babies too).

So yesterday, Denis and I drove by a park and I saw something that made me say, “Stop the car! Stop the car!” He thought we hit an animal or something but I said, “There’s a carnival in the park! Maybe there’s a tilt-a-whirl! Let me out – I’m going!”

It was just a weekend carnival but they had all kinds of rides… even the ones that drop you from up high,  but no tilt-a-whirl. 🙁

I got my hopes up for nothing. I love tilt-a-whirls. Maybe it’s because when we were little, my sister and I used to join hands and spin around in circle until we got so dizzy we fell over. Good times.

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  1. Sue says:

    The last time me and Mike went on the tilt-o-whirl we got a cart that wouldn’t stop spinning! 🙂 When we finally got off we looked like two drunks 😉 and I have low blood pressure so that didn’t help either. Fun ride I agree. Looking forward to seeing the babies! Did you ever go back to the park to see if the baby ducks and baby geese were still there?


    • Jenny says:

      I went back to the lake a week later and they were all there plus I saw another family of geese with FIVE babies! I haven’t been back since but I plan to go this weekend. Oh, and the baby hummingbirds were born yesterday so I’ll be posting a picture today.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Aw the hummingbird trust you I do believe, because there’s no way you can get that close for such a great shot. That’s really close 🙂
    Tilt-a-whirl rides are really fun. We went to a fall festival a couple years back and they had the Tilt-a-whirl there, but my niece wasn’t feeling to well after the parachute ride called the Super Trooper. We didn’t make it around to the Tilt-a-whirl, because we had to sit for a bit giving my niece some Sprite while I enjoyed a funnel cake…lol…yum!…She was feeling better, so we just decided to play games and hey guess what? I won a gold fish 🙂
    Jenny, we never grow out of somethings we love as kids. I bet you and your sister have a lot of good time memories to cherish. I know I do with my sisters. We sit around and talk about things and we laugh so hard until it hurts…

    • Tiffie says:

      When I was a kid, my cousins use to show farm animals, at their county fair & my Mom would take me to see/hang out with them. My cousin Meg & I use to win fish for all our little cousins, HAHA! We use to eat like a bunch of pigs & have the best time. It was so much fun! I was completely out of my element & I could’ve cared less, once the fun began. Oh, to be young & dumb, again. Or should I say, “to be THAT young & dumb, again”? HAHA 🙂


  3. Becky says:

    Jenny the tilt-o-whirl is my favourite, too!!!!! Man, get leaned the right way and spin that sucker like crazy!!!! 😀 YEAH!!!!!

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