Jun 09, 2012

Son, is that you?

We have more hummingbirds this year than ever. I’m guessing there are more nests around but I can’t find them. (I’m too busy chasing squirrels off my peach tree – but that’s another post). We have several hummingbird feeders and usually we just fill them once a week but since we found the nest, even twice a week isn’t enough. Who’s drinking all the water? Let’s see… who eats more than anybody else? Growing youngsters. Then I saw this little one on the feeder and he was so tiny, maybe it’s one of my babies.

“Son, is that you?” He wouldn’t even look at me. Or IS he looking at me? I can’t tell with that eyeball on the side. But it looks like he’s ignoring me, thinking… “Maybe she’ll go away so I can get back to my lunch. You got your picture now leave me alone!”


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  1. Rhonda says:

    Aw, I hope it’s one of your babies. If it is he has grown really fast and into a pretty hummingbird. I see you are looking for more nest and I’m glad you found another interest in something. I guess where you live there’s always something around interesting. Oh and the hummingbird channel I linked in a post shows a slide show from YouTube of hummingbirds, maybe you should try making one of your babies and write about’em throughout the video. Ah never mind you are probably too busy finishing your cook book, but it is a good idea and by the way, not trying to be pushy, but how much more do you like before finishing you 2nd cookbook?…
    Oh and Jenny is that Denis in the photo with you on your FB page? It’s bugging me so I had to ask…

    • Jenny says:

      My last facebook posting was a picture of me with Jim Paratore who recently passed away. (see my blog post of May 29th)

      • Rhonda says:

        Thanks for clearing that up, Jenny 🙂
        Jim looks different, so I thought it was someone else and you of course look the same. You haven’t changed much at all in past years. I think Kathy had mentioned liking your smile and I do too. It’s kind of a flashy classy smile 😀

  2. sue says:

    Thank you Jenny I knew you would get the sense of humor behind it 😉 I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Did Denis make you a strawberry cake? (If he is allowed in your kitchen) Ha Ha!! That cake is our families favorite!! 🙂

  3. sue says:

    Too funny! Teka just turned 12 yesterday and we took her for a 5 mile walk this morning cause last night after work it was too hot for them. Anyway she wanted to keep going but mommy, daddy and kya were wearing down! 🙂 I took a bunch of pictures of her and as soon as I download them I will share them of her. She is amazing! I bet the baby hummingbird is one of the babies!! Look forward to having them around your home for a long time!!! 🙂 Just keep your cars inside your garage, we all know they think our cars especially after we clean them is their port O Potty 😉

    Live, Laugh and Love!


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