Aug 31, 2012

Chocolate Chip Pizza

I just posted a new video for Chocolate Chip Pizza. “What?” you say. “You can’t fool us, Ms Jones. The owl might fall for your plastic snake but we cannot be fooled. Isn’t a chocolate chip pizza just a giant cookie?” Well… maybe so… but it’s more fun to eat! And it’s easier, too. You only have to make one cookie. 🙂 Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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5 Comments on “Chocolate Chip Pizza”

  1. Rhonda says:

    After seeing your video here of your cookie pizza and the trick about making the middle thinner than the edges just shows your trick there works and it makes me more confident to make this. I hate when a recipe I do doesn’t turn out like I want it to turn out. I will have to make this one day. I love your cooking videos.You love to cook and I’m sure people like myself are enjoying them as much as you do making them, so keep’em coming 😀
    Take care, Jenny and I hope you and Denis had a great holiday weekend 🙂

  2. sue says:

    Wow that looks good!!!!! Going to have to try it!! 🙂

    BTW, I hope Tiffie Rue is o.k. havn’t heard from her in ages 😉

    • Tiffie says:

      How sweet of you to think of me! Thank you 🙂 I got home this evening from a mini vacation. I was out of state, in an area with zero phone reception. I took my lap top with me but we were completely out of our service range & it took a half hour to access one home page! (I could never live in the area but it was beautiful to visit.) I’m back for good, though 🙂 The vacation was amazing & I’m just getting the chance to check e-mails/text/blog. I’m about to crash out in bed but I’ll ‘yak’ more, next time. Have a great work week & thank you again, for thinking of me 🙂


  3. Heather says:


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