Sep 30, 2012

Four & a half thousand tomatoes!!

It’s 100 degrees and sunny and I just picked 73 more tomatoes for a new total of 4,502!!

It’s still growing new branches and there are still hundreds of new ones coming.

It’s absolutely mind boggling. And it’s going to be over 100 degrees the next couple of days so who know what will happen.

Shouldn’t I qualify for a farmer’s tax break?

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4 Comments on “Four & a half thousand tomatoes!!”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Keep it up Jenny, you’re almost at 5000 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    That’s amazing!! I hope you’re not getting sick of tomatoes!!

    I made your chocolate fudgy brownies this weekend for my friends birthday and she absolutely loves them!!! 🙂 I had to make some for Mike too. You should have seen the look on his face when I said, “they’re for Laurie”. 😉

    It’s in the 70’s here. Very comfortable.

    Take Care JJ!

  3. Josh says:

    It’s so cool that you’ve gotten so many! My cherry tomatoes are doing really well, just not quite as well as yours haha. My larger tomatoes are doing really badly though. every time I go to pick one, It will have a big hole in it, where something has eaten part of it. Now I’ve started picking them while they are still mostly green. Hopefully nothing will start eating on them in my kitchen window haha.

  4. Becky says:

    In Texas it’s called an agricultural exemption, and yes I think you more than qualify!!! LOL! 😀

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