Nov 27, 2012

What is that?

I was walking through the house today and spotted this thing on the floor which at first I thought was just some debris so I kept walking. Then I decided to take a second look. What is that? I bent over to look at it and couldn’t decide if it was a bug or not. I put on my glasses to get a better look and still couldn’t tell. The magnifying glass was next, with my glasses, on my knees (but not too close) but I still couldn’t be sure. Was it a walking stick? They blend into trees and sticks and this one was camouflaged to match my floor. It wasn’t moving but I was still afraid to walk away so I put a glass over it for Denis to deal with. When he came home he told me it was a grape stem but I think he was lying not to freak me out. He found a scorpion in the house once and never told me so his credibility is clearly questionable. He knew I would have wanted to move. So what was that? I still think it was something but I’ll never be sure…

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  1. mrsnews says:

    dead vine from a wild cherry tomato plant…you dragged it in on your shoe!!

  2. Josh says:

    I don’t want to give anyone nightmares, but I was so comfortable last night when I went to bed, and then all of the sudden I felt something sharp on my arm. I pulled at it and couldn’t really see because it was dark and I’m blind without my glasses, so I just assumed it was a spur or something that was carried it from outside.

    Then I felt it again. I jumped up trying to get the light on and when I finally did, I saw that it was a centipede!! It wasn’t very big at all but it was enough to creep me out and ruin my night haha. By the time I got it flushed and all the blankets moved and shook out I was wide awake!

    I hope it didn’t have any friends, but if it did I will be waiting with a can of bug spray!

    • sue says:

      We also find those things in our house. They are normally rolled up in a circle dead though. Maybe the dogs, maybe another bug? Something kills them. Never had one crawling on me though! Ha ha! You acted like you were scared!! 🙂

      Thanks for the laugh Josh!! 🙂

      OMG is it Monday already??? Off to work. Have a great week all.


    • Jenny says:

      Denis got bit like that decades ago, under the covers, by an earwig and still talks about it! Maybe not scared but totally creeped out! What’s more creepy…. an earwig or a centipede? In the dark?! Yuk!!

      • sue says:

        I agree!! I was only teasing about acting scared 🙂 I don’t want anything crawling on me in my bed I would definitely be creeped out. Yuck is right!!

        And ha! ha! Sister Dearest I loved your comment “if I look away it might be gone…..and then what????”

        That’s me when I’m calling to Mike to kill a spider!! I always miss and then the thing crawls away at top speed!! So now I yell for him and follow the thing around till he gets there 😉 These bugs are gonna be the death of me!!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Sue says:

    I would be skepticle too JJ 😉 Yikes! a scorpion in the house and you weren’t told! I remember that blog and I sware I had goose bumps all the way out here! But I’m good now 🙂 I believe Denis though, that is definately from grapes. Thanks for the laugh!! 🙂


  4. Rhonda says:

    lol…you don’t like bugs that’s for sure. Always putting a glass over something and letting Denis deal with it…lol…which I don’t blame you. It’s just funny that you do that when you don’t know what something is 😀
    Love your blog about this. You had me laughing so hard I was in tears and needed a tissue…lol…but Jenny I wish I could say it was a bug. A closer look by clicking the photo shows a little green on the side and it does look a lot like a piece of grape vine that is starting to dry up, so I have to side with Denis on this one…

    • Sister Dearest says:

      I remember watching our mother at times, when she saw something odd, flicking it first with her finger to see if it would move. Of course back then I had great eyesight and was fearless, and couldn’t understand her thinking. So here I am, also flicking to see if it moves because I can’t see without my glasses and being afraid if I look away it might be gone…..and then what????

      • Rhonda says:

        Are you scared of bugs too, Sister Dearest? I would think that they wouldn’t scare you but hey not all people can handle bugs. I am curious when I do see a bug and don’t know what it is but it doesn’t creep me out or scare me. I just have to laugh at Jenny for putting it off on Denis to figure out…lol…
        Oh and Jenny, I was thinking of this post the other day and I’ve got to say I laughed when thinking about it again and to know you will run and get your camera for something like an alligator lizard is nothing but a tiny bug will scare the crap out of you is just so funny…lol…

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