Apr 23, 2013

Pass the bamboo

Denis and I took a weekend getaway to the San Diego Zoo. We saw a lot of animals but nothing compared to seeing this giant panda in person. This was not what I expected. It’s much bigger than I thought – about 5 to 6 feet tall. We watched him for about ten minutes and all he did was eat, eat, eat. He stuffed himself on huge branches of bamboo. It’s no wonder he was lying back like that – just like us after Thanksgiving dinner… in a recliner, can’t get up, need a nap.

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  1. sue says:

    Jenny I wanted to share a story with you and everyone who blogs. On April 18th I went to work and there were police cars in our parking lot. Our next door neighbor was found dead in her home which is right next door to our funeral home. I used to speak to this woman alot. She rescued dogs her whole life and she had a dog named Sheba which was our first dogs name and they were both Siberian huskies. I felt like I had alot in common with her and she was so into rescuing dogs! (She was the reason I rescued Lobo). As I said in my previous blog, I adopted Sheba, Teka and Kya since they were puppies from breeders. Anyway, Debbie was only 57 years old and suffered from blood clots. Her husband and daughter are so devastated by her death and me too. I cried on my way home from work that day. What a beautiful person, and I want everyone to learn from her about rescuing dogs! She worked at a well known grocery store and was acknowledged for her sales in rescue bucks! When you check out in a grocery store they ask you “Do you want to give to the ASPCA or the Humane Society for just a dollar?” Debbie had the most sales in all the stores for her love for animals!!! I am so very proud of her!! At work in our funeral home, one of my jobs is to make the prayer cards, her husband didn’t order any. He said her wishes were to be cremated and scatter the ashes. So I made this prayer card for him and his daughter and they both cried. I just had to honor her too for this beautiful rescue mom that she was. And I prayed to God that she has “Sheba” with her now. Sheba died 2 years ago. But, they have “Gracie” now!! Well her husband does. Very sad, but I wanted her to be honored for the beautiful person she was and I believe still is.
    (*Sue’s prayer card is posted below)

    • Rhonda says:

      Sue, I have to just let you know I’m glad you rescued Loco instead of buying from a breeder. I don’t think too highly of people who breed dogs just to make money when other animals in shelters are dying because of overcrowding and have no space. It’s really a sad situation for a lot of animals and I can tell Debbie knew this and had to do her part. I myself do what I can. I have donated to some organizations for animals and it just makes you feel they might have a chance. We can’t save them all but we can work at controlling the number of animals put down every year. The saddest thing I found out about shelters is that cats only have a 2% chance of leaving a shelter alive. It’s sad and it’s also sad that such a great person like Debbie who cared for such animals had to leave them behind 🙁

      This video is a commercial and it use to grab at my heart every time it came on tv, but knowing people out there help as much as they do including myself, and you as well Sue, makes me feel better at watching it. Together we can make a difference 😀

      Sarah McLachlan ASPCA Video

  2. sue says:

    That photo is too cute!!!! It’s amazing they are the size they are eating the things that they do. People eat green and they are skinny!! Maybe he has some bad habits? “Hey panda, lay off the Reeses and the Doritos Tacos!!” 🙂 just kidding you are beautiful!!!!!


  3. Rhonda says:

    Nice picture Jenny. He does seem to be enjoying himself. He looks pretty healthy by the size of him. He eats well I’m sure…lol…We have pandas here but nothing like the size of that one. I had to stop by before signing off and I just love the photo. You do a great job with your camera every time. I took a nap earlier so I’m off to bed now. Hope I can fall asleep. I hate naps…ugh!!…

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