Aug 01, 2013

Problem Solved.

I regret it had to come to this. But here are the harsh details: I planted a white peach tree because white peaches are a delicacy and these were going to be organic, too. My tree was getting bigger and this year, it produced more peaches than ever. I was so excited to see all the blossoms in the spring and could hardly wait to pick my first peach. Imagine my dismay when the peaches finally came and I would walk out  to see 5 or 10 peaches on the ground every day, most of them with just as bite taken out, and they were still hard and nowhere near ready to pick. But they were ready enough for the squirrels.

One day in particular, there were 24 unripe, damaged peaches on the ground. So of the 200 or so produced by the tree, we got to eat five. The other ones that I was forced to pick early finally softened but they weren’t sweet. And the ones I held out for until they were a bit soft, mostly had bruises and brown spots anyway.

I can’t say I didn’t try. I used a hot pepper spray, stuffed beach balls into the tree, tied dangling CDs from the branches, traps, plastic hawks, and a rubber snake. Nothing worked. And the tree became a source of stress and anxiety of what was coming next year. So it’s gone. The gardener dug it up today. Watching him carry it away was sad. You win, you mangy, rat-faced, no-good, low-life, beady-eyed, scum-sucking, peach-eating squirrel. But don’t be a stranger… my pomegranates are coming next.

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5 Comments on “Problem Solved.”

  1. Danielle says:

    They’ve been eating the leaves off of my potted hibiscus tree. 🙁

  2. Pat says:

    I’m thinking you should have left the tree there. What stress is that squirrel going to give you now… when his favorite peach tree is gone and he now has to look for some other tasty tidbits to munch on in your garden………
    Mmmmmm….pomegranates 😛

  3. Sue says:

    Man, your yard must look like a circus!! As you mentioned in your third paragraph!! I don’t even know how to respond 😉 But crack me up JJ!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Rhonda says:

    This is why I hate squirrels. They may be cute to some people but they are nothing but rats. Nasty tree rats like MrsNews called them. They are so destructive and get into everything just like any real rat would do. Jenny, I’m sorry this has put stress on you. You don’t need that on your shoulder because of a squirrel. Your health is more important, so taking the tree down is the only thing you could do after trying other things to scare him away. I’m sure you love growing your own fruit. You could just buy your fruit but you do too much cooking to buy the fruit you would spend too much money and with having your own tree you wouldn’t have to spend a dime. It really sucks. I’m sad 🙁

  5. MrsNews says:

    I don’t blame you….if it causes stress….OUT!

    I am thinking you need to start going to a fruit stand instead of raising your own stuff. BTW How is the cherry tomato plant this year? If you already posted I apologize I have been out of touch lately.