Oct 11, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Is he looking at me or not? This praying mantis was hanging out on the side of a hummingbird feeder all day. When I got close, he kept tilting his head around  and I never knew when he was looking at me. See those little black dots inside the big green orbs on the corners of his head? I think they were moving around. So we had a staring contest. But I don’t know who won because I don’t know if he was really looking. But he was still there when I left so I guess he won.

Oh, this guy showed up, too. It was not nearly as much fun taking his picture and I promise I did not get as close. It was a zoom lens! This was our 4th scorpion since living here in the southern California hills. At least it’s the 4th one we’ve seen. I’m pretty sure there are more out there. It was scary. I need taller boots. And bigger cojones.

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  1. Sue says:

    Oh man 😉 So that’s what a praying mantis looks like up close. Hmmm..I used to think they were kind of cute. He almost looks like an alien. As far as the scorpion, yuck!!!! I remember when Denis tried to keep it from you that there was one in your house. I had the chills! Good luck with all those creepy crawly critters JJ.
    Great photos!!


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