Oct 27, 2013

Road Trip

Denis and I are on a road trip to the east coast. What better time to come east but when the trees are ablaze with colors like this. We started in Washington, DC and then we went on to New York City. This tree was in Central Park. I got right under the tree and kept looking up at it – I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. But my joy was short-lived. When I looked down, guess who was there to welcome me to New York?

“Hi, Jenny! I’ve been waiting for you. My cousin back in L.A. texted me that you were coming. Did you bring me any snacks? Any tomatoes? Peaches? …No? No problem. Just open up your purse, I’ll jump in and go back  with you! After I eat all your peaches, can we go to Disneyland?” How about you jump in my purse and I catapult it across the Hudson River, you mangy, rat-faced, no-good, low-life, beady-eyed, scum-sucking, vacation-ruining squirrel!

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2 Comments on “Road Trip”

  1. Sue says:

    Wow that is a road trip!! I love this time of year too! Our whole yard is full of great colors. “Don’t do it squirrel, don’t jump in her purse!! ” 🙂 You don’t want to take that swim!

    Hope you’re having a great time!!!!


  2. MrsNews says:

    LOL I was wondering where you have been!! Glad you got to see the trees because I think the leaves only lasted one week!! As you know we love road trips too. We are finally settled into our Florida home. Why don’t you guys drive south and come spend some time with us You can take back a couple of our otters!!

    Love ya girl

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