Jan 07, 2014

They like my pizza

I guess my new hobby is making cooking videos at home, and I guess people like them. I’ve already had over a million views! I never expected that! But it just motivates me to make more of my little How-To vignettes in the kitchen. What really surprised me was which ones are the most popular.

My number one most popular video on youtube? Pepperoni pizza!

Well, I guess that doesn’t surprise me. Who doesn’t like pizza and my video shows a healthier way to make it. But then, the next most popular video? Polish cabbage rolls!

This was a complete surprise. Even I don’t make them very often because they take a lot of work but I thought the process might be interesting to some people. So it seems they like it, right? Not exactly. Oh, I did receive lots of positive comments at first… from this country… but then they found my video in Poland.

They called me names. They said I forgot where I came from. They said I was not Polish. Apparently, I have highly insulted the entire population of Poland with my…. tasty, delicious, healthy cabbage rolls. I got hate mail. “That’s not how we make them in Poland.” “No self-respecting Pole puts mushrooms in cabbage rolls.” “We don’t put meat in our golabki! What is wrong with you?” “Only a simpleton would take the cabbage out of the pot to remove the leaves.” “That’s not how my babcia made them.”

To me the best way to deal with offensive people is with humor. So how many Poles does it take to make a cabbage roll? Only one. But he has to make sure the cabbage is round; otherwise, it won’t even roll around once.

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5 Comments on “They like my pizza”

  1. Soph says:

    Your dishes are delicious and inspired as well as inspiring. Love your cooking. When I was growing up (born in the States near Chicago) the worst teasing and bullying I got was from the “established Poles” in the community. Mom was a fantastic cook who got a lot of lip from the Polish ladies who thought she was breaking the rules. However, when my mom brought her food to the parish picnics etc., her dishes were the first eaten and she was always asked to bring extra portions of her signature dishes to the next event. Those who complain and say their babcias did things differently don’t understand real cooking. Babcias also used wood burning stoves and cast iron kettles on open hearths. Those so-called traditionalists should also try carrying water to their kitchens like babcia did, using shoulder yokes–Oooo–yippee.

  2. Nancy Kesler-Coleman says:

    Jenny I grew up on Eastern Long Island in the town of Riverhead, we have a section named Polish Town USA.There’s a big festival the third week of August every year and YES we put meat in our golabki with a tomato sauce over. Delish!!

  3. MrsNews says:

    Really glad you are enjoying your new passion. Miss hearing from you


  4. Sue says:

    Congrats on the million views!!! That is awesome! And Poland “don’t be hating!” 🙂

  5. Rhonda says:

    Ah man, I so want to go on the defense here but i won’t. I’ll be nice and try and find humor in this. I’m sorry you got negative feedback and hate mail from people but does these people not know how to research before acting on something…seriously. It seems some of your haters need to read about how other countries make cabbage rolls and maybe they won’t be so hateful and rude to others. Poles do use meat not too sure though if they use mushrooms but other countries use mushrooms in cabbage rolls, so you can use meat and mushrooms in making cabbage rolls. Not that I doubted you Jenny. I know you know how to cook Polish food. Your cabbage rolls are one of my favorites from your recipes. They are amazingly delicious, with all the fixing inside. Don’t change a thing with your delicious cabbage rolls… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabbage_roll

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