Apr 21, 2014

Throw me a warthog

When I heard our zoo got two new lions, I couldn’t wait to go and see. Denis and I went last week and there they were… asleep. I wanted to take a picture but they wouldn’t move. I tried to explain to the lions that I drove a long way to come and see them and the least they could do is wake up. A bunch of other people were standing by with cameras just like me, but the lazy lions wouldn’t give us the time of day.

Still, I refused to leave. Good things take time and finally, the male started making low growling noises and I expected him to start moving around. All he did was yawn and go back to sleep. I think it was a yawn. Maybe he was hoping someone would throw a snack in there… like a club sandwich, or a couple of warthogs.

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2 Comments on “Throw me a warthog”

  1. Sue says:

    Lions and Tigers Oh My!! Lions and Tigers Oh My Oh My!!! 🙂 I hope you remember that “Wizard of Oz”. Anyway, my favorite animals, they are soo beautiful. Sorry they wouldn’t wake up for you. I still like the yawn though! Reminds me of me on a Monday afternoon at work right around 2:30 p.m. I made your bananna oatmeal walnut muffins this morning so atleast I will have something awesome to take to work with me all this week!! I love your recipes JJ. I was reading this morning from your book all the good that this fruit or vegtable does for our bodies and I want to buy so many of them. This information is amazing!!

    xoxoxoxo Sue

  2. Rhonda says:

    I wish you could’ve got a good shot if they were awake but you still attempted to get a photo and it’s not a bad picture considering they were being lazy. I think since they are new at the zoo they had to get comfortable with their new home. Bad timing is all. Maybe your next trip to the zoo they will be more active…

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