Jun 07, 2014

They sang for my birthday

We celebrated my birthday last night at the Greek Theater in Griffith Park to see A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. It was a great night sitting outside under the stars watching a little bit of Americana. Where else can you go and watch a radio show? It’s so well done with the most amazing sound effects guy, great music, humor, and then… the coyotes.

It was unbelievable! The theater is outside surrounded by wilderness and wildlife and right in the middle of the show, a pack of coyotes started howling right behind us. At first it sounded like part of the show coming through the speakers but it quickly become clear what it was. I’m guessing it was a large pack because they made a lot of noise for quite a while. The show stopped and Garrison asked the audience, “What was that?” We all answered back, “Coyotes!” It’s a familiar sound to most locals, that squealing and howling they do – but it was beautiful music to me. It’s what I occasionally hear in my own backyard (those are the times I don’t go out to see what’s going on!)

What a memorable evening this was. A night out at the Greek and coyotes who sang for my birthday.

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4 Comments on “They sang for my birthday”

  1. Becky says:

    What a great way to celebrate!! Happy birthday, Jenny!!!
    Love & HUGS!!! XOX

  2. sue says:

    That’s awesome! They probably followed you guys from your house just to sing to you!! I bet they sounded better then humans! I love it when my dogs howl. Happy happy birthday again! Xo

  3. MrsNews says:

    Hilarious!! I think it was funny that they stopped the show. Tourists!! I swear. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. I think of you often and my special time I got to spend with you. Wishing we lived closer so you could teach me to cook while I drink coffee in your kitchen. I am sure we would giggle like little girls.

    Have a wonderful year. Thank you for all you do and loving it while you do it.


  4. Rhonda says:

    Aw, I’m glad you had a nice time and it seems it was enjoyable for you. It should be because it was a special day for you. I think you are just a magnet for nature because you have always been busy and on the go your whole life. Glad you decided to kick back and do what you love. I would like you to do something in television but then again I don’t. You’ve been tied down too long not to enjoy what you love doing most…

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