Jul 28, 2014

Are you mocking me?

I don’t like this squirrel’s attitude. After investing money is a plastic hawk, it still wasn’t enough to scare off this mangy, rat-faced, no-good, low-life, beady-eyed, scum-sucking, apple-stealing squirrel. I placed the hawk there couple of weeks ago and apparently, it’s just an inconvenience. Now instead of running along the stone wall, the furry rodents have to detour around the bird and scale down the side to get to my apples.

Now I think he’s mocking me. What he doesn’t know is that last Sunday, four coyotes walked by the same spot. The hawk may be fake but those coyotes are real. And hungry. Instead of ¬†sitting there watching the hawk’s back, you’d better watch your own. I saw a bobcat around too. “Here, kittty, kitty, kitty……”

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4 Comments on “Are you mocking me?”

  1. Patricia says:

    I know the aggravation first hand. Squirrels can eat anything, and especially telephone wires and cable wires. Every time there is a phone outage, everyone in my condo says,” Well.. those squirrels are at it again”. Maybe we should plant an apple tree to appease their appetites. Naw, don’t think that would be good either. Just can’t figure out how they don’t electrocute themselves, especially after a good rain. How appetizing is that huh? Wet wires for lunch anyone?

  2. sue says:

    Haha!! Too funny! That mangy rat faced … better watch his back!! You crack us up! Here kitty…

  3. Denise says:

    Mocking you or not, it must be wonderful to have such an interesting and diverse backyard. All the best to you!

  4. Dana says:

    You have no luck with these squirrels Jenny. Judging by his posture, he might be mocking you. Great photo as always!

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