Pet Peeves!

Some things people do are just annoying and some are flat out stupid. My pet peeves make me want to scream, but I won't. They make me want to get in people's face, but I won't. Sometimes, I just want to flip someone off, but I won't. Can you imagine me flipping somebody the bird? But I do have a kinder way to unload. If you want to vent with me, just click below...

My Pet Peeves


When you slow down to let another car in traffic and they don't wave "thanks." I'd like to have a pop-up sign on my hood that says, "!emocleW er'uoY" so when they see it in their rear-view mirror, it reads, "You’re Welcome!"

Able, arrogant people who park in the handicap zones. So what exactly is their handicap? Probably par + 50 on the golf course.

People who honk when you don't move fast enough when the light changes. I used to get out of the car and say, "What’s your problem?" but not any more. I might pick the driver with road rage and a big stick.


Gay guys who dress better than I do.

Bathing suits should be put into 4 categories: One piece; Two piece; Bikini; and Just Kill Me Now.

When I find the perfect top and they are all extra-small and small. When I ask, they say they had a size 12 but it sold the first day.


Typos everywhere! Grammar mistakes everywhere!

Constant misuse of its and it's when it’s so simple. It’s only means it is. That's it. Nothing else.

Most people don’t know when to use "He and I" or "Him and me." Here's the right way: Just eliminate the "he and" or the "him and" and it will dictate. i.e., He and I hate bad grammar. Bad grammar is annoying to him and me.


Perfume that stays in the room after they leave.

People who don't grasp the concept of personal space. I keep backing up. They keep coming closer. Finally, I get behind something, like a counter or a chair, like a lion tamer.

Smokers who congregate in front of a building and you can’t escape walking through their cloud of certain death.

I can't stand hypocrites. But I tell them I like them.

Cell Phones

People standing next to me, talking on their cell phone – oblivious to how loud they are talking and to how little we care about what time they'll be there.

Cell phones ringing at the movies. If it's that important, you should have stayed home.

Get off your cell phone when you're paying the cashier for groceries or paying at the drug store! They should install cell phone turner-offers at all checkstands.

Dining Out

Servers in restaurants who bring the food and ask, "Who ordered what?"

Dining out when they're not busy and they start washing the floor with bleach – under our table - while we're eating! Bleach kills germs... and appetites.

I always have to ask for fresh ground pepper on my salad. No one ever offers and then they disappear. I carry my own pepper grinder in my purse (I really do).


Next time I buy a small electronic item or battery, I'm going to ask them to open it at the store. Otherwise, I need plyers, a screw driver, and scissors. And then a manicure because I always break a nail.

When a service company gives you a window from 9 to 4 and they show up at 5 minutes to 4. Then they don't have the right part! I got your part right here!!

Calling a business and having to press #2 for English, #5 for Service, #1 for Residential, #6 for new or existing customers, #1 for repairs, #2 for new service... and on and on... by now I forgot who I was calling.

When a phone rings on a TV show and I get up because it sounds like my phone.

When I'm watching a TV show and all of a sudden some guy pops up at the bottom of the screen, like it's an emergency, and plugs some show, what time it's on, and blah, blah, blah. Who cares? Get off the screen! You're blocking the view!

Just Plain Stupid

When people stop at the bottom of an escalator to discuss their navigation plans, clueless to the people stacking up behind them.

Your Pet Peeves

Florencia Garcia sent 14 of her pet peeves. Here they are:

1. When chatting to people online, I hate it when they use a lot of periods to emphasize they're sad. If they're sad, just put the sad face or say you're sad. (Examples: I hate people yelling at me...., why does life have to be so hard....)

2. I hate when people cut me off when I'm talking. It is just rude and bad manners.

3. People farting around me and I end up smelling it. Ewww!

4. When I say hi to people, sometimes they don't say hi back. It makes me feel stupid especially when there's other people around. I'll understand if they didn't hear me the first time, but if this keeps happening, I would assume their hearing is going bad.

5. When I'm on the computer and someone happens to be looking at my messages and IMs with friends from behind.

6. Someone saying "I'll take some of your food" without asking me.

7. Friends requesting to be a friend on Facebook and then they don't talk to you even after adding them.

8. People apologizing to me for swearing. Come on! It's not like it's the first time I've heard people swear. I know you're not trying to offend me, but if you don't want to offend me just use another word.

9. Having to work in groups and no one talks to me or they talk amongst each other.

10. When no one tells me anything that I need to know (i.e. when the next meeting is, if someone is unable to show up)

11. When I get blamed for no reason at all other than something going wrong in someone's life. I have a life too and I can't cater to everyone.

12. A friend would be too busy to talk to me on the phone, but has time to talk to someone else for no important reason.

13. Using "You Should" sentences to try to make me be someone I'm not like "You should dye your hair" or "You should wear heels". No I shouldn't. I'm not a conformist. I like recommendations, but I don't like pretending to be someone else.

14. Phrases being used like "That's so gay" and "That's so retarded". I consider that an insult to people. - Florencia Garcia

Other People's Peeves:

My pet peeve is when you are on the computer, and you when you click on the send button, after you finished typing up a very important email, and your computer decides to freeze up on you or crash. - Marina P.

My pet peeve is when people put their feet or their big bags on the subway seats. - Sandi

The idiot drivers that have to speed up and pass you because the lanes merge into one just to get in front of you? - Wendy, Chicago, IL

People who approach top speed just to stop at the red light. - Wendy, Chicago, IL

What is the purpose of tailgating when you're already going 10 mph over the limit? Slow down folks...this is not the NASCAR race! - Wendy, Chicago, IL

My pet peeve are people who have pet peeves over stupid things. Example: Women who fuss over the toilet seat being left up. - J.W.

People who read the paper while they're driving! Unbelievable! - Sarah R.

Customers at the bank who want to strike up a conversation about how long the wait is. You’re at the bank. You need to wait. - Robert, Tarzana, CA

People who don’t thank you when you hold the door open for them. - Anonymous

People who say "Yes" when they really mean "No." - Damon, Los Angeles, CA

When an elevator door opens and people try to walk in before the other people have come out. - Denis, Sherman Oaks, CA

My Pet Peeve is A person with a negative personality. - Jason

I have a lot of pet peeves that piss me off to the highest level of pisstivity. Here's one: Having to tell male Veterans not to cut in front of me because I am a vet and am waiting in line for an appointment. - Angelia

Mine is not being able to squish the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube! - E&K

Farting in crowded elevators!! I thought it was just a joke people liked to say until I was in that situation!! How rude!!! - Sue in Pennsylvania

People driving with one hand holding a cigarette, the other holding a cell phone, and who the hell is holding the wheel?? - Sue in Pennsylvania

Trying to get on the freeway and the first lane of cars on the freeway won't move over. - Rhonda, Atlanta, GA

Hearing emergency vehicle sirens and people don't stop. - Rhonda, Atlanta, GA

I hate it when people leave an enormous space between their car and the one in front of them at a stop light. It even bugs me if they're in another lane. - Anita

I hate it when people assume that if you don't physically look disabled, you're not, and that you are ripping off taxpayers! - Susan D.

When you go to the doctor and they see that you're on aid from the government for your health insurance so they decide you don't deserve the same care and respect every other patient gets automatically. - Susan D.

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