Mar 09, 2011

Scandals on the View

I was contacted last month by a producer at The View with an invitation to appear on the show.  If you saw that post, you’ll know I was suspicious about why they wanted me during sweeps. “We’re doing a ‘Where Are They Now’ week and would love to catch up with Jenny,” they said. My rep had to ask the question. “Is this about the talk show scandal?” The producer admitted they would ask one question about it but this was mostly about what Jenny is doing now. I declined. So I thought I would check and see who actually appeared on their ‘Where Are They Now’ week.  Let’s see… where do I start?

How about starting with exactly how the week of Feb. 21st was promoted on their website: “All week long The View is bringing back the most scandalous stories of their time.”

Monday: Amber Frey – Wife-killer Scott Peterson’s mistress.

Tuesday: Jessica Hahn – Brought down televangelist Jim Bakker when they had an affair.

Wednesday: John Wayne Bobbitt – His wife cut off his penis.

Thursday: Kato Kaelin, O.J. Simpson’s houseguest & a witness from one of the most famous murder cases in the world.

Friday: The “Mayflower Madam” Sydney Barrows, who was busted for running an international prostitution ring.

I’m glad I said no.

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Mar 06, 2011

Week in Review – Special Edition

This week in review is dedicated entirely to Charlie Sheen…

~Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem so troubled after all, does she? And Mel Gibson seems pretty normal right now.

~Paging Mr. Stein… Mr. Crazy McWackenstein.

~I have fruitcake on my mind and it’s not even Christmas.

~How bad do things have to be for your Hollywood publicist to quit when you’re getting more publicity than anyone on the planet?  Oh well, at least Charlie still has his personal manager, B.L. Zebub.

~Charlie should friend Moammar Gadhafi on Facebook. They have a lot in common, both floating down De Nile River believing everything in their world is fine while Gadhafi is killing his people and Charlie is killing his career.

~This can’t end well and I don’t see Charlie “winning.”  The only happy ending in store for Charlie will be from one of his porn stars. 🙂

Mar 06, 2011

The Baron is back!

I thought he was gone forever because I did not see him for the last two days. But I just went out again to place some bird food and I saw that beautiful tail going under some bushes, and then he came right out into the open as if to say, “Did you miss me?” Yes, I did.  I was sad and almost gave up hope, fearing the worst, looking for remnant feathers. But Baron Von Jonesenheimer is back!

I went out for lunch yesterday with two formers staffers from my talk show, Karen and Frances, whom I had not seen for eight years. We went to the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills and sat outside but there was only one problem.  It was too hot! (don’t hate ;)) We caught up on old times and new things and I found out how many of my old staff are now working for Oprah. Hmmm….

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Mar 04, 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

He didn’t come back today. 🙁

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Mar 03, 2011

Day Three!

He came back!

This time, he was in the back yard and stayed for several hours.

A small crowd gathered between all of us, the pool guy, gardeners – we all stopped working to watch.

We gave him some bird food and he ate ALL of it.

He drank some rainwater off the patio, then sauntered away, up the hill.  I’ll be ready with snacks tomorrow.

A friend just sent an “in-flight” photo she found online.

I’m looking for name suggestions…

Something exotic…

*He is a male.

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Mar 02, 2011

Look who’s back!

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Mar 01, 2011

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I walked out on my driveway today, getting ready to run some errands, and I noticed some movement in the bushes off to the side. I thought it might have been someone’s dog because it sounded pretty big and then I saw it. It was a stunning bird with beautiful colors just walking through the plants, under some trees. I ran inside to get my camera, hoping he’d still be there when I got back. I grabbed Denis, our assistant Damon, and housekeeper, Antonia, and said, “You guys have to see this! What is it?” The bird was still there, in fact, he didn’t seem bothered by us, if maybe a bit curious. We decided it was probably a pheasant and wondered if it was somebody’s pet. I started taking pictures as he casually walked around for about ten minutes. After a while, he headed up towards the big hill behind our house, never even looking back to see if we had weapons, or a net (hasn’t he heard of “pheasant under glass?”). He had a chance to fly away but he never flapped his wings, just took his sweet time, sauntering along to the back hill, then up into the safety of some shrubbery.

We looked him up and it’s a ring-necked pheasant, not native to southern California.

We get used to the deer, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, rattlesnakes, and skunks around here, but this was really a treat.

I hope he comes back.

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