Mar 13, 2011

I need squirrel ammo

The Baron never showed up all weekend.  Why should he? There was nothing for him to eat.

Oh, there was food alright – I put out plenty of seeds & nuts and corn. But somebody crashed our bird party and ate it all. I put more food out – gone again!

I need squirrel ammo. “Ka-pow!!”

Then Baron Von Jonesenheimer III could come back for some squirrel sausage… and I could use a new wallet.

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8 Comments on “I need squirrel ammo”

  1. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Ok I drove around all day in Santa Barbara and saw a ton of gates to homes of famous people…I get it now…you are very famous and you must live far off the road behind a big gate right? Tons of celebrities live in Montectio and Santa Barbara. We were eating lunch and Dennis Franz from NYPD Blues was eating in the same place. My husband was star struck which made me star struck but we contained ourselves and didn’t ask for pictures or anything…afterall I have seen his butt on TV…TMI. Do you like people to approach you Jenny or just act normal? I realized he is just a person that is an actor for a job..for cripes sakes he was carrying his own cleaning! LOL…..I can’t help it I love all the fame and feel like I know stars because of seeing them on TV.


    Thought you would enjoy this…


  2. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Ok just left Walgreens no skirts but lots of animal print leggings! I will if you will! We could start a new fashion statement!


    • Jenny says:

      Santa Barbara is beautiful. I hope you’re having a great vacation! But don’t you wish you had a great skirt to wear? 😉

  3. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    My dear husband is taking me through Beverly Hills today! I will think of you! Wish I could have met you


    • MrsNews says:

      Didn’t get to Beverly HIlls afterall…bummer. We are staying in Santa Barbara CA for the next 3 days…2 blocks from the ocean…very peaceful here.

      Don’t worry Jenny I am not stalking you afterall! I do see lots of homes in the hills so now I understand how you can have so many crazy critters around you now!


  4. Rhonda says:

    I’m sorry you haven’t seen Baron in a few days, but it makes me wonder after reading about these birds if they are no different than a squirrel with messing with things they shouldn’t be messing with. I would hate to know he destroyed something in your beautiful yard…

    Jenny, I have a cat that goes after squirrels like a torpedo, but she’s only made one major hit that I know of. They were really messing the overhang up and that’s when my Dad decided to cut back scrub and redo the vents, because of the squirrels…
    So Jenny, do you want to borrow a cat?…

    I kinda feel bad talking about this, but squirrels really are annoying. They can be very destructive, seriously…

  5. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Jenny I am in Calif now and I have to stop at Walgreens for my Rx so I am going to try to find one of your skirts! Lol


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