Mar 27, 2011

Saturday night fun

Yesterday, Denis said, “You’ve had a busy week this week so I want to take you out tonight, anywhere you want to go.” It’s true, I’ve been helping my stepmom with her affairs, had some repairs done at the house, a new “Hero” on Thursday, and my own stuff to do, so it was a long week. It was sweet of Denis to offer and it didn’t take long for me to decide where I wanted to go. “Take me to Target. That’s where I want to go.” We had dinner at home (marinated pork loin, roasted vegetables, kitchen sink cookies for dessert) and then headed for Target. I was so excited, planning my adventure in the car, including the two shopping carts I would need for all the stuff I was getting, but I needed time. I will not be rushed at Target – this is my night out. My sweetie pie agreed to hang out in the DVD department until I called him and said I was done, no matter how long it took. (how can I still be mad about his eye test?) Anyway, I had the best time. They have one of those shopping cart escalators that takes your cart up to the second floor….so cool! There was hardly anyone there and I covered the whole store in about an hour. I didn’t load up two carts, but I did get a set of measuring spoons and a T-shirt. We came home, I made popcorn, and we watched a movie. Now that was a fun Saturday night!

Here’s a picture of a two-storey Target: (there are several in SoCal)

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  1. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Geezzzzzzzzzz mountains out of mole hills!!

    Jenny thank you so much for the photo, that is a first for me!!

    Now I need to go back and check it out!!


  2. Rhonda says:

    That is cool, Jenny. I don’t think our Targets here are like that. I’ve never seen one like it before. From the picture there it looks like a mini mall 🙂
    Oh and it was a nice thing for Denis to take you anywhere you wanted because of your long week. I know how it is with important affairs, we are still dealing with a few of my Dad’s. We’re almost finished though…
    It’s good you can be there for your stepmom 🙂
    It can be stressful, so take it easy and keep enjoying your cups of tea 😉

    Take care and have a great week everyone! 😀

  3. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Are you referring to a 2 story Target? I have never heard of such a thing! Please correct me if I am wrong. I want to go there now! Jenny, I am living through you I think! LOL

    You know I think your date night sounded great! My husband drops me at the door when I shop. He goes to the back of the parking lot and listens to rock n roll or takes a nap. I call his cell phone with one ring and he drives to the door to pick me up! Gotta love him!

    BTW, I heard from the lady that wanted the chemo caps! I was so thrilled! I have 2 caps addressed and ready to go in the morning! Thanks for being a bridge for me!


    • Rhonda says:

      Kathy, it would be great if you could share a photo of Alexis with one of your caps 🙂 Those are really cute. I’m sure she will love’em. I think it’s awesome for you to do this for her 😉

  4. Heather says:

    Glad you had a great day. I am surprized you didn’t say ok…..take me to the eye doctor. LOL

    • Tiffie says:

      HAHAHAHAHA that would have served him right 😀 Sometimes, men don’t look at what can possibly come their way, after their choice of words, huh? That would’ve made for one good ‘foot in mouth’ moment on his end! 🙂


      • sue says:

        I don’t agree. This is a 25 year+ relationship. There is way too much maturity to act so juvenile. Jenny isn’t holding any anger towards him. I agree with her and K let it go. He will go when he’s ready. It wouldn’t serve you right Denis, you will go when you’re ready. Wow.


        • Tiffie says:

          I meant it as a joke and I’m sure Heather did, too. As a joke, I never meant for my comment to be taken literal. You seem very hostile towards me and I don’t see why.


          • Rhonda says:

            I agree and I found your post halirious Tiffie 😆
            Yep “foot right in the mouth I would say” 🙂

          • Sue says:

            I will apologize for his comment. 🙁 I wasn’t home last night and now I’m at work and just saw this. I know Mike felt bad for me on Saturday because your “what language comment”. It made me feel bad when I was only trying to be funny. 🙂 I can’t believe he even responded. Sorry!! 🙂 I am always friendly with everyone too. Let’s bury this one o.k. Not another word. 🙂

            Take care


        • sue says:

          tell it to Mike my friend. That post was all him.

          Have a great day! 🙂

    • Rhonda says:

      Aw, come on!
      This is all suppose to be fun for us all. No hostility towards each other allowed 🙁
      I think Jenny has made it clear how she wants her site to be. FUN for us ALL!…
      We are all friends here I thought. Let’s please keep it that way for Jenny 😉
      Sorry Jenny. I felt I need to take the soap box 🙂

      • Jenny says:

        I agree, Rhonda. I try to set the tone for fun and I think all the smileys mean everyone is doing the same. I understand how things can occasionally be misunderstood on paper but I’m sure we’ll be back on track in no time. 🙂 8) 🙂

    • Rhonda says:

      Great post, Heather!…lol…that would’ve just got Denis good. That would serve him right for giving Jenny such a hard time about a tinny tiny eye exam 🙂
      I wish Jenny would’ve thought to say that 😉
      So funny! 😆

  5. sue says:

    Good for you JJ ! 🙂 Me and Mike went to dinner with two of our good friends and came home and watched a movie too!! I wish the weather was warmer here in PA, because my dogs are itching to go for a walk and so am I !! We actually just had snow ? Wierd spring weather.

    Take care!!

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