Mar 28, 2011

Who trumps Donald Trump?

Long before Donald Trump hired Dionne Warwick to work on The Apprentice,
guess who SHE hired to work with her?

It was almost 25 years ago that I opened for Dionne Warwick in Lake Tahoe.
So I guess we could say I trumped Donald Trump!

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  1. MrsNews/Kathy says:

    Can you say DIVA???? She was a great singer and I really liked her but after watchng the show I don’t think I would look for her in Walgreens!!


    • Rhonda says:

      Diva? I would say so 🙂
      What a nasty attitude she had. I’ve been youtubing her music and came across Dionne when she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice…
      I wouldn’t expect her to be so bitter. She actually probably caused herself to be fired by Trump because of her outburst…WOW!
      Here’s the video if anyone wants to see it…
      Celebrity Apprentice 4: Task Four – 4th Boardroom Firing + Nene Leakes vs Dionne Warwick Fight!

  2. Becky says:


    Did you like working with Dionne?
    On the Celebrity Apprentice, she seemed rather….hmmmm….bossy? Domineering?

    • Jenny says:

      I only remember that she smoked a lot. She was smoking right before she walked on and there was a cigarette waiting for her at the end of the show backstage. I couldn’t understand why smoking didn’t affect her voice because she sounded great.

      • Tiffie says:

        I watched an interview with her and Connie Francis and, a caller asked if she was still a smoker. She said “yes” and, she smokes no less than a pack a day. She was very proud of the fact, which I found ODD! I can tell a difference in her voice from then til now. What a risk. Not only towards an amazing voice to begin with but, to her health in general!


  3. Rhonda says:

    I would agree, you trumped the Trump…lol…
    I think it’s pretty cool that you did stand up for some famous people. Do you have a favorite you worked the stage with?…

    When you talk to Larry King about Girls Night Out, I have to agree with what you said about women favoring female comics. Even during your television days, you still had the humor. Some of the things you would say would just floor me…lol…your audience too! 😆
    You also had good remark as well. I think you’re a pretty cool person 😉

    I really would’ve liked to have seen your acts on stage. My favorite clip on your site is when you appeared on Star Search. I laugh every time I watch it, so funny…lol…

  4. Tiffie says:

    What was she like, Jenny? Did you ever get to know one another on a one-on-one basis or, was it always strictly business? Did you ever get a parting gift after the run of the show came to an end?

    Tell all, Jenny! HAHAHAHAHA~! I’m teasing.


    • Jenny says:

      I didn’t see much of her during our stint together. The only parting gift I ever got was from the Pointer Sisters when I opened for them in Atlantic City. They gave me a red Gucci handbag – I still have it.

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