May 16, 2013

How did he get in?

How did he get into our backyard? We were stunned this week to find a baby deer in the backyard. We’ve seen adults and babies behind our house up on a hill but never inside the gated yard. The poor thing was so scared he was trying to get out but the gate was closed. He kept trying to jump over an 8-foot chain link fence but he wound up jumping into it instead. As soon as we saw him, we all went out to help. We opened the gate and calmly tried to get him away from the fence he was jumping into but instead of going to the open gate, he panicked and raced, and I mean raced, across the yard in the opposite direction. I’m pretty sure he was going about 50 mph! He headed for another 8-foot  fence, this one was wood and covered with ivy (in the photo) and he was getting ready to jump. This time we panicked because on the other side of the fence was a long drop to the neighbor’s concrete walk. We raced towards him to stop him, which scared him even more, so he raced back across the yard, flew over a 5-foot wall like he had wings, found the open gate, and disappeared up the hill. We were all relieved to help him get home but sad that he was so scared and didn’t realize we were trying to help. We still have no idea how he got in. I hope he’s back with his mom but I’ll be looking out for him, hoping to see this beautiful animal again on the hill, where he belongs. It was quite an ordeal for all of us.

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4 Comments on “How did he get in?”

  1. sue says:

    Oh I love them!! But I hate to see them on the side of the road 🙁 I would have kept her as a pet!! But that’s just me. We feed a family of deer on our property. We throw apples up the hill all the time to them. We only have three acres of woods, but we have a beautiful family of five Doe and Deer (a female deer, ray… a drop of golden sun…) Sorry, I got side tracked????? hmmm??? 🙂 Anyway, awesome picture JJ!! She was absolutely beautiful!!!!! I hope she will live a long life.


  2. Becky says:

    Awww, what a little doll!! Jenny, can I come hang out in your backyard for a weekend? I’d LOVE to see what all I could see!! (well, maybe except for the snakes!)

  3. Rhonda says:

    I think I would’ve been stressed too trying to get this doe out of the yard and it panicking like he did. I wouldn’t want it to hurt itself either, so guiding him or her was all you could’ve done. I’m glad you got him out without it being hurt. When I worked over night. A few times we had hawks get trapped inside the store and they had to call someone to come and rescue the animal…

  4. Heather says:

    I think you have more wildlife in your backyard than anyone I know.

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